Yoda: People Win Against 5G in UK Court

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Britain’s First 5G Court Case and the People Won

Mark Steele, a 5G campaigner, has been highlighting the dangers of a secret 5G rollout by Gateshead Council where residents are complaining of increased illness and Cancer in the affected area. There’s enough evidence to conclude the new smart 5G arrays on the top of new LED lampposts emit Class 1 Radiation frequencies and should be treated as a danger to the Public.

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The secret 5G rollout issue in Gateshead is now officially of public interest and will be treated as a landmark case for other people to start using this Court’s ruling to challenge their Councils. We know Surrey, Westminster and Luton all have these toxic Microwave EMF arrays installed on their new LED streetlights. We now know even if these arrays are currently 2G, 3G or 4G they can be 5G enabled by fitting a ‘lens’ that ‘focuses’ the frequency.

The Judge declared Mark Steele as a credible expert and engineer on EMF and GSM technologies, which proves Gateshead Council are liable for corruption, misleading the public, making people ill and attempting to discredit Mark Steele and all others such as Smombie Gate fighting 5G rollouts.

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Crony Deal Between Telecom Giants and Feds to Radiate Your Home

At minute seven the FCC lies outright.

Tip of the Hat to Ray Songtree.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: 5G is a weapons system, not a communications system.  It is explicitly intended to make possible the neutralization of both individuals and crowds, and the mass surveillance of individuals down to brain wave monitoring.  This is without question a crime against humanity, and must be outlawed at every level. It is directly related to mind-control programs being managed by CIA, NASA, and others, and to geoengineering programs being managed by the USAF.  All of these programs must be hunted down and killed. The FCC, FDA, and the  CDC, are criminal organizations in league with private sector criminals intend on controlling and manipulating the public at any cost — and of course no one in the US Government is doing holistic analytics and true cost economics on this clear and present danger to the public, because they all lack integrity.

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