Yoda: Transformation, Artificial Intelligence Eradicated by 2024? UPDATE 1: Further Validation

Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence

Alert Reader says:

Our solar system has started going through a total transformation from the very outward level of physical reality to the deepest level of spiritual/psychological reality revealed in The Law of One (see below) .  The process started in 2012 (actually this is the final phase of long history of development).  One benchmark is that our entire solar system has been gradually warming up.  By around 2028-2029 (when the current 11 year sun cycle will end) we will experience a coronal mass ejection that will destroy the artificial intelligence that has been used to control us for millennia.

At that point we will advance to a higher density and begin to realize and develop our full human potential, such as the realization of our higher self (The Law of One) or the essential self (The Diamond Approach), mental telepathy, time travel and even living a longer life. David Wilcock is an expert in this area and here’s his link, part of which discusses the very advanced multi-dimensional system of spiritual/psychological development called The Law of One:

Corey Goode Mega-Update: Ancient Builder Race- Recovering Humanity’s Billion-Year Legacy

The  paper below provides a systematic procedure for understanding and achieving the Goals of The Law of One using a powerful contemporary school of spiritual/psychological development called The Diamond Approach (also known as The Ridhwan School of Spiritual Development).

DOC (2  Pages):  Law of One Cover Letter

DOC (36 Pages):  Law of One, An Introduction On How to Proceed

Phi Beta Iota: Corey Goode has been widely discredited, and David Wilcock is suspect in some circles.  HOWEVER he is vouched for by Dr. Michal Salla who just posted an interesting article about legitimate documents that Corey Goode is now producing, here.  We allowed this post to stand because we support curiousity and speculation about extraterrestrial matters; we believe there is a considerable extraterrestrial ecology yet to be disclosed, and we find that whether true or not, discussions that point toward the Law of One are inherently positive. We also believe that there is a discussion going on within the US Government (there are actually multiple US Government factions, not a monolythic government) as to when and how extraterrestrial matters should be disclosed. We look forward to the truth at any cost, as soon as possible.

ROBERT STEELE: I also find this post worthy of standing.  I would note that discrediting is often an indicator of someone being too close to the truth — Cynthia McKinney, a goddess who is well-qualified to be President of the United States of America, has been described to President Donald Trump as a communist and Muslim terrorist sympathyzer.  The dirt-bags around the President are terrified of someone like her (or me) that embodies three words: authentic, inclusive, truthful. So when I find someone offering up really wild and interesting things, AND they are discredited, I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt.

See Especially:

The Law of One (Searchable, Browsable)

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Two individuals have approached me, I have met them, and I find them credible.  Of course I have no direct knowledge and hence no basis for evaluating their contribution. This is what they said about the above post.

LOC info correct. We have bases where described and more. ETs check out. No comment on his personal stories with ETs and breakaway civilizations history.

Technologically, space travel portals can be opened with travel through multi-dimensions—as high as 145th dimension noted. The “Eban” is a parallel universe where you can move in time, used by military and Antarctica.  It may be just above our dimension. 

The giants are awake with more awaking.  (Video of giants in Iran; recent Kandahar, Afghanistan-giant moved by USMC to Cleveland OH.)  He has been an advisor to “25” and says he still communicates with them. The Giants name is the “HELOTS” (He-Lot)—12 to 35 feet tall, carnivorous reptilians which can go into cloaking mode, many with wings to fly.  Only a very few Helots are good & may negotiate. 

Atlantis story –Connection of Earth energy grids, plasma uptake by ships, HAARP facilities-ET wars, 4-Eyeser above the Vatican, US-Nazis bases, portals.  Antarctica connects special towers worldwide (including Currituck) for communications of all kinds, ship fueling, serves nearby USO bases and subterranean system, communications for global financial transactions using U.S. HLS Rescue 21 system driven by Nathan Rothschild and QEII.

The HLS Rescue 21 system is the US Coast Guard System built by General Dynamics. It just passes 100,000 Search & Rescue (SAR) missions. I have no direct knowledge but do believe that the global financial communications system has a separate black and gray network, and I would not be at all surprised to find companies like General Dynamics building in “tunnels” for the illicit use of US taxpayer funded communications system.

At this point I watch with an open mind. I believe the world as we know it is going to be redefined with disclosures to the point that the 2024 election will be totally up for grabs as the two-party tyranny is totally discredited.

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