Ed Jewett: Is Donald Trump Preparing to Invade Area 51?

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by Joseph P. Farrell

An excerpt:

“…. The fact that this exercise was being carried out near the environs of the celebrated “Area 51”, where allegedly the US carries out some of its most sensitive and secret “black projects research” made me think of this story from 2013, uncovered and reported by well-known UFO researchers Linda Moulton Howe and Richard Dolan:


Speculative interpretation below the fold.

The fact that Mr. Dolan was involved in reporting this story that President Eisenhower was threatening to invade Area 51 is significant, in my opinion, precisely because it was also Mr. Dolan who, in his well-known UFO and National Security State volumes, offered what has since become a mainstay in the thinking of several alternative field researchers, including me, namely, that with enough time, money, and human talent investigating black projects, over time this might lead to a “breakaway civilization,” a group of people in control and possession of technologies far in advance of those publicly visible. To call this a “breakaway” group indicates that this group would, by dint of that fact and possession, become quasi- or completely- independent from the host country it allegedly serves. It would, in effect, be a kind of extra-territorial state. I’ve expanded on this idea to include the necessity for a completely hidden system of finance (deeper and separate from the black budget), networked with the public system in a variety of arcane and bizarre ways (think the bearer bonds scandals). If Ms. Howe’s and Mr. Dolan’s uncovering of this story about a threatened Eisenhower invasion of the site be true, then the process of “breaking away” began very early indeed. And it should be noted that the presence of Mr. Nixon in the Eisenhower Administration, connected as he was to various covert operations including the planning for the Bay of Pigs, gives an added nuance to this story, for in some of the Cooper-Cantwheel documents, it is Mr. Nixon who, when president, allegedly turned the whole UFO operation completely over to the defense contractors (see my book The SS Brotherhood of the Bell). In effect, if those documents are true, or reporting on something true, then Mr. Nixon effectively sealed and acknowledged the independence of that group and its hidden infrastructures of power, like Area 51.

So back to the exercises over Nevada. Given this context, I have to entertain the possibility that perhaps the exercise was about “breaking into the ever-expanding fortified domains” of a very different set of players, not China or Russia or the Middle East, but our very own home-grown “breakaway civilization.” In entertaining this high octane speculation, I’ve also entertained the idea, which I’ve blog about briefly on a prior occasion, that this “Space Force President,” by approving a “space command,” might in effect be trying to reverse that privatization trend implicated by Eisenhower’s alleged threat and Nixon’s alleged decision, and return not only the technological aspects to a direct military chain of command reporting ultimately to the executive, but also to eliminate the opportunities for financial shenanigans associated with it as well (think bailouts, human trafficking networks, drug running, mortgage fraud, and so on). And if the California fires are factored in, with all the associated strangeness surrounding them, including indicators of extraordinary anomalies and the possible use of exotic technologies, then that group has, in effect, declared war against the citizenry of this country, and such a response would indeed be appropriate and necessary to regain government control of a rogue and runaway group.….”


Dr. Joseph Farrell, Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men — the Cosmic War Continues Around Us

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