R. Evan Ellis: The Impact of China on the Latin American Security Environment

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Evan Ellis

The Impact of China on the Latin American Security Environment

To frame the nature of China’s impacts on the Latin America and Caribbean security environment, it is important to understand that the rise of the PRC is
simultaneously affecting the region in multiple interdependent ways, often indirect and unintentional. These include altering its economic structure,
changing the dynamics of the regional arms market, and contributing to transpacific organized crime, among other. Perhaps most importantly, however, it is also impacting the perceptions and calculations of political, military leaders and business elites in the region, non-state actors and others, and by affecting those perceptions, it is altering their actions and the dynamics of the countries in which they operate.

…the erosion of U.S. influence as China expands its economic presence, military interactions and public diplomacy in the region, is magnified by “self-inflicted wounds,” from sustained strategic overreach by the U.S. government (principally expensive wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East, which have contributed to sustained fiscal deficits and limited options for future engagement), questionable executive-level strategic communications which have confused allies, eroded goodwill toward the U.S., and undermined trust in the nation’s commitments to and intentions toward the region), the absence of key US leaders from important events such as the Summit of the Americas and the G-20 ministerial summit in Buenos Aires.

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