Penguin: Is EU Killing #GoogleGestapo?

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Most do not understand that the EU's new regulations are not really about privacy and copyright, they are about killing #GoogleGestapo and particularly Google, Instagram, and YouTube. Any image, any video, that displays any brand leads to an “all stop” that requires checking and approval by the brand owner before publishing. This could be interpreted as the Deep State's very clever  way of shutting down the Internet social media complex.

On the bright side…

…no one can control the emerging federated Internet with hundreds to tens of thousands platform instances that cannot be censored and can be accessed without interference from central authorities. To take one example, NextCloud is now providing global support for ActivityPub. This is enterprise-grade fist class cloud software that is completely free. In a federated universe tens of millions will flock to BitChute (which was just shut down by PayPal), PeerTube, and others.

The seismic shift has begun. The post-GoogleGestapo Internet has arrived.

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