Robert Steele: Update & Predictions

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

I have been in France and UK for meetings — I did bring back a Yellow Vest as a gift for Donald Trump from admirers in France.

My laptop suffered a critical failure from a Norton collapse that wiped out some Microsoft system files. It was a $99 fix but kept me from posting for a couple of days.  Posts for 29-31 December being made morning of 31 December.

My predictions:

01 Utah grand jury arrests begin in January, economic reboot finalized by 12 January. Shut-down will end by then, Trump’s issues with Mueller are over.

02 NYC criminal grand jury on 9/11 will resolve by 4 July 2019. Indicting Dick Cheney will enable indicting Hillary Rodham Clinton, her husband, and her daughter.

03 IF Trump is publicly aggressive on elite arrests in January, they will all be connected to elites in UK and France and both Macron and May will fall in disgrace. Pence will start thinking about resigning in return for a secret presidential pardon he can use if and when.

04 extraterrestrial disclosure in 2019 is certain. Not certain is the degree to which its complexity will be revealed.  There are too many simplistic notions flying around this is vastly more nuanced and complicated than even those in “MAJESTIC 12” follow-on realize.

05 Trump will create a “truth channel” led by Bill Shine for the TV portion and Brad Parscale for the social media portion and it will be a world-class disaster.

06 A proper Truth Channel — a complete integrated replacement for #GoogleGestapo and the existing mainstream print and broadcast media — will emerge in 2019 with 22 million veterans as the pilot project participants.

07 I make no prediction on the selection of a new Secretary of Defense, as of now President Trump is on a path toward another disaster — putting the military-industrial complex in direct control of the Pentagon budget.

Bottom line: The President continues to be surrounded by people desperate to keep him from those of us that know how to create a Trump Triumph that gives him 70% of the voter base while destroying BOTH the Republican and Democratic Parties ability to perpetuate the “pay to play” system. #UNRIG is absolutely the last thing everyone controlling the President’s communications wants to see realized. I speculate that how #UNRIG does in 2019 will determine the future of the presidency and of congress in 2020.

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