Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon Update Including Lockheed Martin Satellite Grid Deal…

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Stephen E. Arnold

Amazonia for December 10, 2018

  • What’s with Amazon in the space data game? We learned  about “Amazon’s Plan to Profit from Space Data” from the Daily Herald. Here’s the plan: “Rather than build its own satellite dishes and ground stations, the company has brokered an exclusive “multiyear strategic business agreement” with Bethesda-based defense contractor Lockheed Martin, which manufactures and operates satellites for the U.S. military.” Useful for policeware and intelware use cases, don’t you think? Nah.
  • How much money does Amazon’s Prime video generate? Variety states that it is $1.7 billion. I thought Prime was for shipping. What about the data those viewing habits spin out? What happens if those data are cross matched to book browsing, purchase history, and method of payment? Grab some popcorn and kick back. Relax. It’s Amazon.

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