Wayne Jett: QAnon — Both Important & Irrelevant

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Leave The Connection Alone!

The information gained through this activity is crucially important. It enables hundreds of thousands of people, especially in America, and around the world, to have much improved understanding of government operations and the forces and interests which seek to influence, oppose or control the governments and the people.

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ROBERT STEELE:  Q Anon reaches, at best, 20% of the eligible voters and probably much close to just 5%. While important, Q Anon is also irrelevant. Here are five problems with the channel:

01 Q only reaches a fraction of the existing base and is not expanding the base

02 Q is one way didactic and not two way interactive

03 Q does not educate on threats, issues, or costs only the conspiracy meme

04 Trump is not willing to do election reform to expand the base

05 Trump now knows he wants a truth channel but has no one who knows who to create something that integrates Fireside Chat TV studio with a full up social ecology that integrates 180 million voters who cannot be censored or digitally assassinated.

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