Yoda: Truth, Trust, and Transparency Commission

Civil Society, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics, Government, Peace Intelligence

Alert Reader has suggested that President Donald Trump should create a Truth, Trust, and Transparency Commission.

It’s purpose would be to assure Presidential-level protection — to include pardons as needed — for whistleblowers and others who have vital contributions  to make toward rooting out fraud, waste, and abuse.

The existing Inspector Generals are clearly toothless  and compromised. The existing law is not working. Something new is needed, something with the President’s personal stamp of authenticity, inclusiveness, and truthfulness.

The Commission could also play a role in nurturing the Truth Channel and Trump Studio broadcasting from the White House, serving as advisors to the President on how to best off-set the glaring falsity of the fake news media including Fox (the President has finally called Fox out for being part of the fake news media).

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