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Why It’s Time to Revive Charles R. Crane’s Legacy in the Age of Trump

Charles R. Crane, may considered as probably Russia’s closest friend in U.S history, become much suspicious of media coverage of the Russo-Japanese War in America, which resulted in a letter to the editor of the New York Times and where he expressed the following words:

“I have read with interest the editorial on Russia and Japan … In this editorial – as in a number of others which have appeared recently – a view is taken of the Eastern Asiatic situation which to me, at least, seems not so full nor fair to Russia as it might be … What is here desired especially to emphasize is the essentially peaceful nature of Russia’s conquest of Asia, the important part Americans already have played in it, and can continue to play in it if our Government and our press will properly aid us. In order to do so they must have perfectly independent and reliable sources of information …”

One could argue that the mentioned situation resembles the current hostile situation in the American MSM (popularized by President Trump as “fake news”), where ill-informed pundits and self-proclaimed experts on East European and Eurasia affairs like to rant about their “highly likely” opinions on geopolitics and current affairs.

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Today, with growing tensions between America and Russia, as well as America and China, with the three countries constituting the new reality of the emerging multipolar world, it seems to be a good idea both for Washington decision-makers and MSM to stop and honestly reassess American past, as I very much doubt that exercising further the current ‘history deficit’ in your countries’ foreign policy can bring you, Russia, China, or the world in general, anything good.

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