Berto Jongman: Artificial Intelligence Alarm? AI Predictions for 2019…

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Berto Jongman

Gobal AI experts sound the alarm

Leading researchers co-author unique report warning of the malicious use of AI in the coming decade

AI predictions for 2019 that you can’t afford to ignore

List only, and comment, below the fold.

  • Commerical AI will go mainstream
  • Voice assistants for cars
  • Small-scale economic disruption
  • Machine learning will become pervasive to most industries
  • Better access to large, high-quality datasets

ROBERT STEELE: CIA created the Artificial Intelligence Staff in the Office of Information Technology (DA/OIT/MISG/AIS) around me. In the course of nurturing the first two projects, Project GEORGE (Smiley) supporting the Directorate of Operations and Project TESS supporting the Directorate of Intelligence, I ordered so many copied articles, filling over 20 three-inch binders that led to the below reference, that the CIA librarian told me I was responsible for 25% of all CIA inter-library loan copying requests for the entire agency.  Story of my life.  Me 25%, the other 1,000 or so generally in the Directorate of Intelligence, 75%. That was at a time when CIA refused to consider the value of open sources of information.  That is still generally true today.

Steele, Robert. Artificial Intelligence Baseline Bibliography: Expert & Decision Support Systems, Heuristics, Encoding Specificity & Cognitive Mapping, Decision Making in Foreign Policy,  Vienna, VA: Artificial Intelligence Staff, Management Information Systems Group, Office of Information Technology, Central Intelligence Agency, August 5, 1986.

What I learned then — it cost CIA $3,000 to teach me the full meaning of the word “hueristics” (rules of thumb achieved by humans and very difficult to replicate in context within machines) — and since then is that artificial stupidity combined with human abdication of the uniqueness of the human brain, is the real threat. The criminal manner in which the IT industry has been and is managed is the other side of the coin of globalization and the enslavement of humanity. I still like this quote, the last sentence of Jim Bamford’s Body of Secrets about NSA’s wasted trillions:

“Eventually NSA may secretly achieve the ultimate in quickness, compatibility, and efficiency-a computer with petaflop and higher speeds shrunk into a container about a liter in size, and powered by only about ten watts of power: the human brain.”

False positives that ruin people’s lives are where we are at now.  Machines are stupid. Code is as good as the weakest line of code and machines do not degrade gracefully — it’s black or white, on or off, 1 or 0.  There is no substitute for humans able to do context, nuance, anticipation, and exception.  Humans can be moral, machines are inherently amoral.  There’s a code for life in that thought.

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