Robert Parry: Bases, Bases, Everywhere … Except in the Pentagon’s Report

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Robert Parry (RIP)

Bases, Bases, Everywhere … Except in the Pentagon’s Report

These installations exist somewhere between light and shadow, writes Nick Turse. While acknowledged as foreign military outposts, they are excluded from the official inventory.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Our 1,000 military bases around the world are both sinkholes for money and misery among our earnest citizen soldiers, airmen and Marines, and lily pads for rendering unConstitutional and illegal aid to dictators, carrying out drone assassinations and rendition and torture operations, and  smuggingl drugs, guns, gold, cash, and small children. We must close all of our military bases overseas, without exception, and rebuild our military such that we have Global Reach from home — our military should be purposed to DEFEND the USA, not the global investments of crooked elites who are screwing the 99% every single day.

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