SPECIAL: Winslow Wheeler – US Congress Hides The Earmarks But They Are Still There — Most Corrupt Congress in History, With Lockheed As a Particular Beneficiary

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Winslow Wheeler

Those Porky Pentagon Earmarks Never Really Went Away

In fact, the new scheme is even more venal, underhanded, and wasteful.

The new pork system is deceptive and complex. It took all of my 31 years of experience on Capitol Hill to fully unravel it, with the help of some excellent research from two outstanding watchdog groups, Taxpayers for Common Sense and the Taxpayers Protection Alliance.

Taxpayers for Common Sense (TCS) reported that 68 procurement programs in this defense bill received $7.5 billion in new, unrequested spending, a large portion going to the Lockheed Corporation. These are blatant earmarks, as explained by TCS, which also pointed out that the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee added $5.6 billion to the procurement account for these items, while its Senate counterpart added a more generous $6.2 billion. The bill was “compromised” by the conference committee at a level above both: $7.5 billion.

Read full article in The American Conservative.

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