Marjorie Cohn: Progressive Except Palestine Problem

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Marjorie Cohn

The Progressive Except Palestine Problem

The Jewish community has a special responsibility to fight Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands, says Marjorie Cohn.

There is a false equivalency between criticizing Israel and being anti-Semitic. Any criticism of Israeli policy is labeled anti-Semitism, even though many Jews—including members of Jewish Voice for Peace, Jewish Center for Nonviolence and IfNotNow—oppose the occupation.

The BDS movement is not anti-Israeli, as it targets the policies, not the people, of Israel. And actions against Israel’s policies, including BDS, do not equate to anti-Semitism.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  Bravo! I have been saying for some time that Zionism is evil and Judaism is not evil, and that the power of Zionist Israel (the criminal government) in the USA is based on bribery, blackmail (e.g. Epstein the pedophile entrapment agent), and lies, not on the votes of the nine million decent Jews in America, clearly including the good Marjorie Cohn.

If Michael Bloomberg and Howard Schultz wanted to make a serious contribution to American democracy, they could start by embracing #UNRIG – Election Integrity Act as something that they and our President should together submit to Congress as an alternative to the fraudulent HR 1 For the People Act sponsored by Nancy Pelosi — an Act that Dieboldizes the drawing of Congressional District lines and sets the stage for non-citizens to vote.

They would, in  this way, end both CITIZENS UNITED and the power of Zionist Israel over the Congress, where 77 Senators just passed a bill making it a felony to criticize Israel — to call for a boycott of Israel, something Ha'aretz, as honorable and intelligence a news source as one can find, has asked: “Is it time for all Jews to boycott Israel?” The answer is yes. But first we must clean house here in the USA, because it is the captured Congress that places Israel First, not America first, that is enabling the atrocities — including the nuclear atrocities as well as genocide — that are the currency of the present criminal regime in Zionist Israel.

9/11 was planned and executed by the Zionists with the hearty complicity of Dick Cheney before the fact and Robert Mueller after the fact — both of these US citizens should be indicted for treason. It is because of people like them, and the traitors in Congress  that put Israel First instead of America First, that the Middle East is such a mess at the same time that trillions better spent at home are spent on endless  elective wars that give every Member of Congress a 5% kick-back (bribe).  Enough, already!

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