Mongoose: False Flag Fake Victim Image Generator

Advanced Cyber/IO, IO Deeds of War

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT  STEELE: Simone is here. False flag events managers can now generate complete fake interviews of fake victims or their fake relatives giving fake interviews plus photographs of fake victims.  As long as the Mainstream Media (MSM) is complicit in treason, In combination, holographic technology with audio and voice manipulation (used to frame people) and now this, provide the Deep State and Shadow Government with all the tools needed to create a climate of public fear that facilitates an unconstitutional police state. The false flags to date have not been using all of the technologies, crisis actors and clumsy forgeries have been the order of the day, but we anticipate constant improvement in the ability of the Zionist-controlled Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that has sidelined its disaster relief mission and is now completely militarized and focused on crowd control (we are “cattle” which is a step up from Zionist-controlled police forces that call us “cockroaches”). The President — or his successor — needs to abolish, DHS put down FEMA and legalized lying under national security warrants.  False flag events with or without patsy deaths should be a crime that calls for the death sentence without delay.


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