Robert Steele: Congressional Research Service (CRS) is Lying to Congress on 5G – Rebuttal from Mark Steele (No Relation, Genius on 5G)

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Fifth-Generation (5G) Telecommunications Technologies: Issues for Congress, January 30, 2019

ROBERT STEELE: CRS means well, but its analysts are handicapped and often ignorant. In this instance, this report is full of lies.  It paints the best possible picture on 5G while lying by omission. It fails to discuss the weaponization of 5G and the utter atrocity of subjecting living beings to 5G.

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Rebuttal by Mark Steele, Compelling Graphic Below the Fold.

Mark Steele (like Christopher Steele, no relation) is a genius on 5G. He is starting to win lawsuits against government elements that ignore the public health hazard. Below is his comment, a graphic, and some additional links that we find most compelling. 5G is death.

MARK STEELE: I don’t see anything about Safety considerations in the congressional document and considering that the transmitters are uninsurable for harm, we may have expected it but no, as the whole system is a weapon and not for telecommunications for humans. Below is an illustration of a 5G mobile device in which the radiation lobe would leave you either dead or with brain dmage if the orientation of the downlink and uplink signal was going through your head — something that can be adjusted remotely.

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