Stephen E. Arnold: Deep Fake News Videos Can Tip Election, Spark Violence …

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Stephen E. Arnold

Deep Fakes: A Tough Nut to Crack

If you are in the media or intelligence business, you undoubtedly already know about the potential of deep fakes or “deepfake” videos. Clips that utilize AI technology to create realistic and completely fake videos using existing footage. The catch is that they are getting more and more convincing…and that’s not good, as we discovered in a recent article, “Misinformation Woes Could Multiply with Deepfake Videos.”

According to the story:

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: My warning to the White House in 1994, cosigned by Winn Schwartau, Bill Caeli, and Jim Anderson (then a senior NSA computer security engineer) was ignored. As we now know from Mark Bowden's superb book WORM: The First Digital Cold War, the US Government (USG) is abjectly incompetent — without a clue — about digital reality, forced to rely on contractors of mixed capabilities (this is Jim Clapper's real legacy, he gutted the internals). Worse, the USG not only cannot detect a fake video or audio (e.g. a voice recording puporting to be a prince ordering a killing, or any of the Zionist talking rocks purporting to be Syrian Army officers calling for more sarin gas or Qadafi promising support to terrorists) but we have no real on the ground presence at home or abroad that can rapidly establish “ground truth” and  credibly tell  the public what reality is.  The USG, like the Mainstream Media (MSM) is considered by a majority of the public to be a liar on most things including false flags and vaccines and 5G and geoeingeering, to name the top four public concerns that will be election issues in 2020. There is a need for a trusted global network that displaces #GoogleGestapo and enables those governments and enterprises that wish to avail themselves of the truth, to access the truth.  This is not something the US secret intelligence community is capable of across all ten high level threats, all policies, all costs, and all countries. A Global Currency Reset (GCR) may be in the works, but it will not be enough — we need a Global Mind Reset (GMR).

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