Zero Hedge: 2020 = 1972? Trump as Nixon Winning by a Landslide in 1972?

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2020 Elections: Shades Of 1972

Authored by Tim Donner via Liberty Nation,

Eerie parallels between 1972 and 2020 presage an interesting outcome…

As we face the presidential election next year, consider the following political landscape: a Republican president reviled by the left and the media; the corresponding growth of a radical, collectivist resistance; and a Democratic Party blinded by hate, overcome by nonsensical policy prescriptions driven purely by emotion, and consequently prepared to nominate a far-left candidate for president. And somehow believing such a candidate could take down a despicable president elected by a previously silent majority.

We’re talking 2020, right? Actually, it was 1972.

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Phi Beta Iota: Our non-profit educational focus is on #UNRIG – Unity for Integrity Election Reform Act (Proposed). HR 1 sponsored by Nancy Pelosi is setting the stage for non-citizens to vote and also Dieboldizing the drawing of Congressional Districts, federalizing and privatizing what should be a State duty. Election Reform is achievable more easily if President Trump takes on HR 1 and condemns it for what it is: the last desperate effort by perverts on the left to destroy what is left of our Constitution and values. Until the two-party “pay to play” tyranny is put down, we will not achieve evidence-based legislation in the public interest.  It does not matter what your issue is, from inequality to climate change to 5G to vaccines, election reform is “root.”

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