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Robert David STEELE Vivas

State of the Nation, one of the finest sources for fresh thinking across America, has just published

What happens if President Trump does not run in 2020?

While partisan (no one from from the center and left is mentioned), almost everything about this is good.  Click above to see the Cabinet and policies.

At this time I continue to strongly support President Donald Trump for a second term, with the hope that he will soon embrace the three ideas in Memorandum for the President: Trump Triumph.

Others such as Joseph McCormick have tried the transpartisan alliance before (and I owe my meeting with Cynthia McKinney to Joseph), but no one has ever brought together #UNRIG election reform as root combined with a balanced budget, a coalition cabinet, and an Open Source Agency powering evidence-based decision-making at all levels across all domains, along with my new favorites, eradicating the Zionist parasite from the US economy-government-society, nationalizing the federal reserve, eliminating the federal income tax (substituting the Automated Payment Transaction Tax collected locally), restoring state sovereignty, getting the federal government out of the nanny business (regulations and marijuana-hemp particularly), closing all military bases overseas, reducing the national security state by 70%, and more.

My bottom line is simple: the 99% need to take back the power and we need to LOCALIZE our culture, our economy, our education, our government, and all else.  This includes an end to the federal imperium (restoring state sovereignty) and an end to the  two-party tyranny that fronts for the Deep State and enables the Shadow Government.

I have been working on a new piece for my 35th piece in the Trump Revolution Series (Amazon banned #34 on Sandy Hook (free online) after #33 on 9/11 (free online) went viral — and they are shadow-banning #33).

Note above former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, and note the fact that he is working as a simple carpenter — while there is some dispute as to whether Jesus was a carpenter or a stone mason (trees were scarce back there), the bottom-up, hands-on, humble spirit of this photograph is in my view the precise opposite of the hyperbolic,  gilded Trump presidency.

BETWEEN THEM lies the path that I would like to outline for America.

I must stress that I have done everything possible to help President Trump, but the GOP (RINO), CIA, and Zionist agent Jared Kushner have blocked me –and the President — from ministering to our diverse needs.  My first article in 2015 on how Trump can win; my Spy's Christmas Message that Reince Preibus refused to deliver to the President; my various memoranda to the President, one of them read by four million citizens; my Trump Revolution Series; and most recently, my four-page Memorandum for the President: Trump Triumph in 90 Days with Three Moves, are all a testament to my conviction that completely apart from the President's warts on display by design of the Deep State and its two-party  tyranny servant in Congress,

America the Beautiful can and should be restored by our serving President and no other.

If I run I will create a 501c4 and 527, focus on the military and law enforcement as the backbone of a new patriotic movement committed to community and family values and an end to the mass surveillance nanny state, and I will commit myself to empowering the 99% against the 1% — unlike all other candidates, if President Trump fails us and I am forced to run, I would be running to empower others, not myself.

I will have four fundamentals and multiple premises for public debate.

Four Fundamentals

  • #UNRIG Unity for Integrity Election Reform
  • Coalition Cabinet (with cabinet-level debates in 2020)
  • Balanced Budget
  • Nationalize Federal Reserve, Terminate Federal Income Tax substituting the bottom-up Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax that hits currency and stock transactions as well as (still anonymous) cyber transactions

A Few Starting Points for National Conversation

  • Legalize Marijuana
  • Debt Jubilee for Individuals (Students, Elderly)
  • Abolish DHS and IRS, demilitarize police, get serious about counterintelligence
  • Create the Open Source Agency, consolidate 30% of what's worth doing by the various secret intelligence agencies within CIA, dismantle the rest
  • Close all military bases overseas, bring our troops and their wallets home
  • Ban 5G, geoengineering, poisoning of our air, water, land, and food
  • RICO Investigation against Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, YouTube and others (e.g. Reddit, WordPress, Wikipedia)
  • Universal service including women (and legal immigrants as accepted) with three choices after shared boot camp: Armed Forces, Peace Corps, First Responders
  • Create a Military and Law Enforcement Civic Network that buries the NRA which is a controlled opposition element led by  convicted war criminal
  • Terminate all Senators and Representatives that voted to make it a felony (never mind the First Amendment) to call for a boycott of Zionist genocidal apartheid Israel

Restructuring the Executive

  • Throw the Press Out of the White House
  • Governors Council (and reversal of the 17th Amendment)
  • Mayors Council
  • Deputy Vice President for Global Engagement
  • Deputy Vice President for the Commonwealth
  • Deputy Vice President for Education, Intelligence, & Research


Here is a starting point for discussing what a serious Cabinet looks like.

READ MY LIPS: This is a starting point — I want the PUBLIC to nominate others and I want the PUBLIC to evaluate all possible alternative candidates for each position.  THIS IS A STARTING POINT FOR A NATIONAL DISCUSSION.  Unlike any prior President, I will neither take direction from the Deep State nor appoint billionaire buddies (I only have two and they prefer to be anonymous).  Each of these names is an OPENING for all Democrats and all Republicans to join #WalkAway and suppport #UNRIG.


Traditional Line-Up

Cabinet in Precedence Order
Secretary of State Michael Bloomberg
Secretary of the Treasury Yves Smith
Secretary of Defense Joe Sestak
Attorney General Andrew Napolitano
Secretary of the Interior Robert Costanza
Secretary of Agriculture Jim Hightower
Secretary of Commerce Clyde Prestowitz
Secretary of Labor Del Spurlock
Sdecretary of Health and Human Services Howard Dean
Secretary of Housing and Urban development Melissa Sterry (UK)
Secretary of Transportation Joan Claybook
Secretary of Energy Herman Daly
Secretary of Education John Taylor Gatto
Secretary of Veterans Affairs Max Cleland
Secretary of Homeland Security Stephen Flynn – ABOLISH
Trade Representative Alfred Eckes
Director of National Intelligence ABOLISH
Ambassador to the United Nations Carol Mosley Braun
Office of Management and Budget David Stockman
Director of Central Intelligence (RESTORED) William Binney
Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency Gordon Durnil
Administrator, Small Business Administration Jim Blasingame


More Nuanced Line-Up

Inspector General of the Republic Jesse Ventura
Counselor to EOP/Director Trump Studio Lisa Kennedy Montgomery
Counselor to EOP John Edwards
Counselor to EOP Newt Gingrich 
     EOP Strategic Advsory Group Tony Zinni
     EOP Open Source Agency Caroi Dumaine
     Director, Office of Management & Budget David Stockman
     Deputy Director, OMB Catherine Austin Fitz
Governor General (Governors Council) Mike Huckabee
Mayor General (Mayors Council) Bill DeBlasio
DVP for Education, Intelligence, & Research Derek Bok
     Access America (100% Informed Voting) William Greider
     Chaplain of the Republic Jim Wallis
     Deputy Chaplain of the Republic Michael Lerner
     Jester for Culture Jello Biafra
     National Aeronautics & Space Administration Sean O'Keefe
     Secretary of Education John Taylor Gatto
     Secretary of Intelligence William Binney
     Secretary of Research Franklin “Chuck” Spinney
DVP Commonwealth & Secretary of Treasury Yves Smith
          DUS Internal Revenue (Implement APTT) Grover Norquist
          DUS Federal Reserve (Nationalize) Karl Denninger
     Attorney General Andrew Napolitano
          DAG for Deep State Racketeering Ralph Nader
          DAG for State, Public, & Local Rights Danny Sheehan
          DAG Computational Integrity Stephen Wolfram (UK)
     Secretary for Agriculture & Water Jim Hightower
          Water Conservation Authority William J. Cosgrove (CA)
     Secretary of Health & Human Services Howard Dean
          Surgeon General Jill Stein
          Center for Disease Control (CDC) Jon Rappoport
          Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Ron Paul
     Secretary of Housing & Urban Design Melissa Sterry (UK)
     Secretary of the Interior Robert Costanza
          DUS for Energy (free energy/end nuclear) Herman Daly
          DUS for Environment (end 5G and geoengineering, hold Monsanto accountable) Gordon Durnil
          Federal Emergency Management Agency Stephen Flynn
     Secretary of Labor Del Spurlock
          DUS Immigration Patrick Buchanan
          DUS Elderly & Pension Protection Tulsi Gabbard
          DUS Small Business Jim Blasingame
          DUS Veteran Affairs Max Cleland
     Secretary of Homeland Security (ABOLISH) Stephen Flynn
     Secretary of Transportation & National Design Joan Claybook
DVP Global Engagement & Secretary of State Michael Bloomberg
     DUS State for Peace Dennis Kucinich
     DUS State for Development Virgil Goode
     Ambassador to the United Nations Carol Mosley Braun
     Ambassador to Israel Henry Seigman
     Secretary of Commerce Clyde Prestowitz
          Trade Representative Alfred Eckes
     Secretary of Defense Joe Sestak
          Joint Chiefs of Staff Robert Neller
          DUS Joint Readiness William McRaven
          DUS Acquisition Jim Webb
          CINCPEACE Mike McConnell
          CINCWAR TBD – no one good enough
          CINCSOC Ferd Irizarry
         CINCHOME Joseph Lengyel
Supreme Court Nominees in Waiting Amy Coney Barrett
Ron Paul
Andrew Napolitano


For my candidacy to be viable (my preferred option remains for President Trump to be the greatest President ever) — we need #UNRIG – Unity for Integrity Election Reform Act (Proposed). Below are two graphics that the Honorable Dr. Cynthia McKinney and I have been using to illustrate both the political landscape that disenfranchises 70% of our voters, and the twelve core changes that must all be made simultaneously and with no exceptions, if we are to assure the integrity of the federal election process in 2020 and going forward — it will be up to informed citizens to demand the same level of integrity from their states and localities.

Click on Image to Enlarge

Here is a variation of the above that I have sent to the White Houses multiple times, it has probably NOT been delivered to the President.  This is as good as I get in terms of being loyal to the President, my ideas are his to use or lose.

Below has evolved as Alert Readers have come in with suggestions — for example, California would lose four seats in the House of Representatives if we counted only eligible voters when allocating Districts — by counting illegal aliens and foreigners — including Chinese birth citizenship  tourists — we give California more power in the House than it merits.  I am also a strong supporter of the First Right movement — 1 Representative per 50,000. Overturning CITIZENS UNITED is non-negotiable as is the restoration of the right of labor to unionize but NOT the right of labor unions to demand dues.

Our President does not have a Grand Strategy for integrating ends, ways, and means. Below is my national security grand strategy, we need something similar for the Commonwealth, for assuring prosperity to every one of our citizens while blocking all the illegal alien and birthright tourists from diminishing our land and of course burying the Deep State and the Shadow Government — and their Zionist blackmailers and bribers — forevermore.

Finally, no one in the USA does holistic analytics and true cost economics. If they did — and if that knowledge were shared with  the public through an app (below illustrated the app and one simple fact sheet for a cotton T-Shirt) we would put Monsanto, Coca Cola, and Nestle — and everything owned by the Cock Brothers — out of business overnight.

Here is a holistic matrix for evaluating everything that is going wrong in the USA because of the corruption of our economy, government, and society.

Now the obvious question, since I don't have  $6 billion to spend on cheating my way into being elected President, is how do I (We) overcome the financial power of the 1%?  Very simply.  We combine an absolute non-negotiable demand to President Donald Trump for the passage of #UNRIG in 2019, and we come together as a people to both elect Independents and small party representatives to Congress such that no one party can hold a majority, ever.

This option keeps President Trump in the White House until 2024.

Below is my 2012 concept for out-spending the billionaires and foreign money. If #UNRIG is passed, then we can create a Big Bat USA that celebrates the power of Everyman.  And don't give me any of that transgender neutral shit, you are either a man or a woman and man is the generic term for both.

Click on Image to Enlarge


Cleansing the White House

The President is surrounded by traitors and what Governor Chris Christie rightly calls “riff-raff.” My essay evaluating a number of books about the toxic environment in the White House is free online. He is also wasting some of the most precious real estate on the planet on the scum known as the Mainstream Media (MSM), scum so ably represented by one James Acosta, the most ignorant and most uncouth journalist I have ever observed. There is absolutely no justification for providing these dishonorable creatures incapable of doing investigative journalism and all too eager to censor patriots and truth-tellers while promulgating fake news – outright lies in service to the Deep State — with tax-payer funded offices in the White House, the most precious real estate on the planet. ENOUGH.

Here is what the President can do with that space to help him be the greatest president ever.

With this one move, described in more detail in my Memorandum for the President: Trump Triumph, our President will get 100% of the intelligence (decision-support) he needs; connect with 100% of the eligible voters and other citizens; and readily devise and implement a Grand Strategy that will address all threats with all policies, controlling all costs, and taking on all challengers, coherently and constantly. The National Prayer Office will help nurture faith and confront evil as a Presidential initiative.

Deputy Vice President for Global Engagement (DVP/GE)

The USA does not have a single foreign policy – it has at least seven. In my direct experience, the leader of any given country is being told seven different things by seven different factions.  The time has come for the President to designate a Deputy Vice President for Global Engagement who controls the budgets and the senior executive positions of the Departments of Commerce, Defense, and State, and has veto authority – subject to Presidential over-ride – over the foreign engagements by other Cabinet Departments and agencies, such as the Departments of Agriculture, Energy, and Transportation.

Separately I have documented a new national security Grand Strategy that is summarized below.

Below is a notional first conversation between a Deputy Vice President who is able to whip Commerce, Defense, and State into a team.

One name that comes to mind is Newt Gingrich.  Another is Michael Bloomberg.

The bad news first:

1) The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) chops immediately to the oversight of the Director for National Research under the Deputy Vice President for Education, Intelligence, and Research (DVP/EIR), and simultaneously 50% of its budget and capabilities will immediately begin focusing on how to eradicate the ten high-level threats to humanity by waging peace.

2) Instead of the token 1% cut his predecessor cleverly presented as much greater, Program 50 will lose 20% a year each year for four years running. New initiatives not to exceed 10% each year will be considered; those that are Whole of Government in nature and focused on Stabilization & Reconstruction (S&R) are more likely to receive the approval of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), who will have a veto authority over all federal programs and proposals subject only to Presidential over-ride.

3) We will immediately begin bringing all our troops home, with no less than 25% of all bases and capabilities overseas being eliminated and ideally 100% once we have a long-haul Air Force and a 450-ship Navy. The National Security Agency (NSA) and the National Reconnaissance Agency (NRO) are going to be cut back to 30% of their present budgets; the totality of the “cyber-war” initiative will roll over to be under the oversight of the Director of National Research, with support from the Director of the Computational Mathematics Authority.

Now the good news.

1) The DVP for Global Engagement will be the primary US Presidential-level participant in all Presidential-level encounters. For all practical purposes, a few situations not-withstanding, DVP/GE will BE the President of the United States of America beyond the water’s edge.

2) The military will provide the “core force” for Whole of Government operations world-wide. The regional theater commanders will immediately begin the process of becoming Whole of Government commands with Assistant Secretaries of State and Assistant Secretaries of Commerce co-located with and co-equal with the Commanding General. Staffs will become both Whole of Government, and multinational in nature. In that capacity, broadened by the other capabilities under the direction of the DVP/GE, it will immediately begin planning, programming, and budgeting so as to restructure to provide the following eight capabilities:

Click on Image to Enlarge

a) Strategists that advise whole of government policy
b) Domestic Threat Response via the National Guard focused on plagues, fires, and disasters
c) Citizen Education bonding the nation through both entry-level and mid-career service
d) Electronic Security reinforcement focused on open standards and open source software–within four years, the entire government will be using open source software, open source hardware, and dumping anything that cannot cut it into the trash.
e) Ground Truth through a warrior’s eyes–24/7, global, down to the district level
f) Constabulary able to stabilize failed states and lead multinational reconstruction endeavors
g) Small Wars force able to contain and remediate random violence including Embassy take-overs
h) Force on Force the big war force, constantly ready, never redirected to other missions

3) With oversight and vetoes of defense planning and programming subject only to Presidential (or Congressional) over-rule, the Strategy Center and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) will assist DVP/GE and his Cabinet sub-committee to address the following guidance from Senator Sam Nunn (D-GA), then Chairman of the Armed Service Committee (SASC):

I am constantly being asked for a bottom-line defense number. I don’t know of any logical way to arrive at such a figure without analyzing the threat; without determining what changes in our strategy should be made in light of the changes in the threat; and then determining what force structure and weapons programs we need to carry out this revised strategy.

4) For planning and programming purposes there will be four threat classes, each to be addressed by a mix of commercial, diplomatic, and military means: the low-tech brute; the low-tech-seer; the high-tech brute; and the high-tech seer — CINCs will be restructured to have one for each while the regional CINCs drop down a notch to be super Embassies at the regional level.

Click on Image to Enlarge

5) For government-wide strategic development purposes, there will be five strategies, all five subject to the advice and consent of the Vice President and the two Secretary-Generals, and of course the Congress once approved by the President.

a) Global Intelligence Strategy
b) Global Interoperability Strategy
c) Whole of Government Force Structure Strategy
d) Preventive Diplomacy Strategy
e) Home Front Strategy

6) The following will be slated for immediate action:

a) Kill 2 theater war and Joint Vision, create long haul Air Force
b) Kill Missile Defense
c) Kill new attack submarine
d) Kill fancy TacAir
e) Build 450 Ship Navy with priority to the 75 ship Expediter
f) Retool the National Guard to needs of the Commonwealth
g) Redirect Africa Command to become the Stabilization & Reconstruction Command with oversight of the global Ground Truth Force and the Multinational Decision-Support Centre (MDSC)
h) Fund the Open Source Agency at $125M year one growing to $3B by year six, with an emphasis on free global education in top 33 languages at first, all 183 major languages by year six
i) Fund the Digital Marshall Plan that provides free cell phones and cell service everywhere–work with each region to create a Multinational Decision Support Centre that also supports a diversity of online call languages in all regional languages, to educate the poor one cell call at a time, while also serving as a regional early warning network for all ten high-level threats to humanity, and those threats that cannot be anticipated.
k) Fund the multinational diplomatic and economic outreach and rotational program
l) Redirect $2 billion toward Stabilization & Reconstruction Programs directly employing locals
m) Fund the Peace Corps times five and the new Homeland Service Corps–the latter will be initially comprised of prisoners whose personal drug convictions have been commuted, overseen by disabled veterans–every veteran amputee without exception will have a job that challenges them daily.

Now some general guidelines:

1) Speaking a foreign language at the three level (out of five) is required for promotion to field grade or senior staff non-commissioned grade effective in two years; allocate necessary resources, and liberal paid leave, to make this happen.  Emphasize recruitment of native language speakers who have mastered English as half the solution — embrace our legal immigrants!

2) We will stop churning people with clearances immediately. If you leave government service prior to retirement age, or if you leave one contractor position to accept another, you lose your clearances. The exception will be when the government certifies its active concurrence with the early retirement or inter-corporation transfer. This will apply especially to Special Forces and intelligence operations officers.

3) I want marijuana legalized immediately, and some form of intermediate program for other personal drugs; we will begin applying the death sentence to dealers of illegal drugs starting with the Bush and Clinton crime families.

4) Over-turn the missteps on copyright and patent excessive protection. Use it or lose it, and the original term periods will re-apply. I particularly want Justice to work with the Patent Office under DVP/EIR to identify two kinds of patents: those that are keeping useful knowledge from the marketplace; and those that are being used to blackmail legitimate commercial enterprises. As the President has directed, we will release into the public domain the 6,000 patents now blocked by secrecy order.

5) The Computational Mathematics Authority will get all the resources it needs to completely displace #GoogleGestapo and the elements – Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, and YouTube as  well lesser others – with a new social ecology that cannot be censored or manipulated and conservative as well as progressive voices digitally assassinated.

6) Begin the process of stopping all Foreign Military Assistance (FMA). I want a weekly report on this. I want Joe Sestak to convert the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence bureaucracy into that of an Undersecretary of Defense for Stabilization & Reconstruction. He’s losing all the intelligence money, so FMA dollars are all he will have to work with–I want to see a one page draft spending plan seven days from today.  Ambassador Mark Palmer will be the lead.

7) Israel–I want to meet with you and your cabinet heads and Ambassador Seigman right away. We are going to do a number of things quickly.

a) Identify every individual in the US Government holding dual US-Israeli citizenship. Create a task force to evaluate each one individually, beginning with those in policy positions and with clearances. We’re going to clean house. I will not have Israeli citizens making US policy or sharing US secrets. They can renounce or they can quit and I want blanket counter-intelligence on every one that renounces and stays.

b) We are going to have to occupy Palestine for fifty years (to raise two new generations). Effective immediately I am stopping all US subsidies of the Israeli government, the 20% we pay that allows them to commit atrocities against the Palestinians. That money will now go to Palestine. HOWEVER, and the Arabs will not be happy with my cancelling the FMA money, but I could care less, I am going to demand that they come up with a five year plan for bringing Lebanon and Palestine back into the modern world. We will try a federated two state solution with Gaza going back to holding its share of the waterfront from the maps in Biblical times. I want a regional water authority and I want you to prepare to carpet bomb any new settlements as well as settlements in the occupied territories that are not turned over to the Palestinians for immediate resettlement. This is going to be thorny.   A regional and national conference to discuss the whole thing might be worth trying, we will do nothing in secret, everything will be open, transparent, and explained. I will no longer tolerate Israel manipulating the US Government or the US public. These are early thoughts, I rely on you to help me throttle back as needed. My eight-point peace plan published in Russia will be the foundation for a summit led by China, Russia, and the USA with Iran and Turkey as full honored partners. Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar can kiss my ass.  They will comply or lose everything.

8) Commerce has just one marching order from me: restore the integrity of the national economy. I particularly want to dump all federal regulations written by the corporate monsters (e.g. meat packing) and get back to buy local across the board. Take what works in the Pacific Northwest and New England and spread it out. I want an end to absentee land ownership–you own it you work it or you lose it. We are long overdue for restoring sustainable community in America, this will have my strong personal interest.  TRUE COST ECONOMICS will be in effect.  From where I sit the Wall Street phantom economy has screwed over the Main Street and Small Town economies, we need to reset the economy. Although the above makes it sound as if Commerce should be under the Vice President for the Commonwealth, that is not my strategic focus. We need to create a global economy that gets back to basics including the creation of infinite wealth everywhere else so we no longer have illegal immigration issues here. We have to restore our economic integrity in the context of restoring our role in the global economy as a force for creative moral capitalism that also keeps all the illegal immigrates happily at home instead of crashing our borders. It’s a tough job. Commerce is going to need everyone’s help, both tangible and intellectual. I picked you for this job for many reasons, not least of which I think you are the only person who can pull off a diplomatic, military, and economic tri-fecta.

Deputy Vice President for the Commonwealth (DVP/CW)

Here also the President needs one Deputy to oversee Agriculture (and Water), Health, Interior, Labor, Transportation (and National Design), and Treasury. We particularly need to shift Treasury away from conspiring with Central Banks controlled by the Rothschilds and the Vatican and other secret societies in the private sector, and toward ensuring that we have community banks and currencies and a common gold-backed US dollar.

Only one name comes to mind: Dennis Kucinich.

Stewardship of the Commonwealth demands that every decision affecting the human, natural, and intellectual resources of the Commonwealth be subject to two kinds of thinking: first, does this decision conserve the integrity–the wholeness or completeness–of the Commonwealth, or does it diminish it? Second, in keeping with the traditions of the Native Americans whom we genocided, how will this decision play out Seven Generations out?

In that context, exporting jobs and hollowing out our industrial base while playing financial roulette with pension funds and taking Chernobyl-like risks with industrial catastrophe across America can only be seen as treason, plain and simple. Unfortunately, because we have tolerated a corrupt Congress for decades, a two-party tyranny, one bird with two wings, treason has been legal. That ends now.

Dennis Kucinich needs no introduction. I believe we can trust him to stop all of the forms of fraud and to begin the process of stopping and then reversing the centuries of depredation against America the Beautiful and its generations of impoverished, blue collar, and lower middle-class citizens who have been betrayed by a form of capitalism completely lacking in ethics and integrity.

My general marching orders to the Deputy Vice President for the Commonwealth, subject to comments from all of you, are these:

  1. End individual income taxes while implementing the Automated Payments/Transaction Tax (APT Tax).
  2. Terminate Corporate Personality, implement national corporate chartering and establish “one set of books” as the standard for retaining a public charter to do business.
  3. Every American may be a member of a labor union or professional association within four years.
  4. End citizen unemployment, study and define a national population policy within four years.  The highest priority for what money we can spent will be on providing a full year of employment for every unemployed person, contingent on their engaging in a full year of training for jobs we need in the 21st century, including manufacturing, software, hardware, and resilience / sustainability across all domains including open source farming.
  5. Focus especially on getting the 1.6 million homeless children off the streets, healthy, and into school.
  6. Implement a domestic policy model that harmonizes spending toward clean water & local energy.  Eliminate the tar sands and other such projects that deceive the public by neglecting to mention the three facts that are relevant: the true cost of the clean drinkable water needed to flush this crude energy source out of the ground; the true cost to America of transporting this, externalizing all the costs to the public; and the reality that America has all the energy it needs, this is a scam intended to provide profits to the energy companies that wish to export refined energy while once again screwing the public.
  7. Legalize drugs, empty the prisons, employ every released prisoner, and lock down the borders–illegal immigrants will be deported at the expense of whoever rents to them or gives them work without satisfying the requirement to verify immigration status.
  8. Create a national design of medium-size self-sufficient cities linked by high-speed rail.

9.Nationalize the Federal Reserve and do a complete audit of the Bank of New York within four years.  Utilizing Truth & Reconciliation methods rather than impeachment and imprisonment methods, bring every corrupt Congressman and every corrupt banker before the public for a full accounting and a Presidential pardon contingent on a full public confession in detail of their misdeeds against the public interest.

DVP/CW will oversee and work with the DVP/EIR to shut down the Department of Education while simultaneously creating the 21st Century educational system that is free to all for life, leverages online learning and challenge examinations where possible, integrates apprenticeships in all the trades and professions, and generally leaves no citizen behind.  $25 billion a year shall be redirected from secret intelligence systems of no substantive value, toward completely regenerating local to global education.  We will disconnect local education from local real estate taxes and local elites cheating their own publics.

More details will be provided as we discuss individual cabinet departments in the context of the ten high-level threats to humanity (poverty is #1, terrorism barely #9) and the twelve core policies that are now being mis-managed, from Agriculture to Water.

Deputy Vice President for Education, Intelligence, & Research

This is the job I would like to have under President Donald Trump if he will listen to reason and cleanse himself — and our Republic — of the Zionists and Sheldon Adelson particularly.  If I were president, someone like Derek Bok or someone Derek Bok recommends would have my interest, and we would fully integrate thousands of anti-authoritarian minds now being censored. Below is my vision graphic.

A couple of quotes from two of our Founding Fathers have guided me for decades:

Thomas Jefferson: A Nation’s best defense is an educated citizenry.

James Madison: Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.

The USA in particular, but Europe as well, is coming off a few decades of ethical and intellectual decline. Philosophy has been displaced by ideology, thinking displaced by technology, and particularly the technology for war. America has become a cheating culture, led by a Cheater in Chief (regardless of which of the two party tyranny wings he is closest to) and a Congress of Cheats who abdicate their Article 1 responsibilities and betray the Republic every single day of their pathetic unethical existence.

Although the Vice President for the Commonwealth is the Principal Vice President, the Secretary General for Education, Intelligence, and Research is arguably the most important member of the team in terms of the future, the key figure in rethinking and reinventing and reinvigorating the American body politic. I see each of us serving a four year term as President, providing the Republic–if it desires–with sixteen years of stable leadership and a certain consistent focus on nurturing the Republic back to health.

Access America is placed under this Secretary General’s oversight because citizenship, education, and voting are like the DNA spiral of the Republic. None can exist effectively without the other two.

Faith and culture have been denigrated for too long. Fundamentalism is blind, ignorant, and often racist. Faith is the opposite of fundamentalism — it inspires acceptance of the universal Golden Rule, it inspires clarity, diversity, and integrity. America is one nation, under God, and whether one chooses to believe in the God of collective community on Earth or the God of divine Providence, God is alive and well and America the Beautiful cannot do without God and faith and respect for the sacredness of life.

Culture joins with faith as the “glue” of a civilization, and culture, the home for conventions proven over time, is vital to the transmission of the lessons of civilization that are not taught in classrooms, but rather lived in multi-generational communities. One cannot have a Nation without a culture. It is culture that embraces diversity, assimilates diversity, and yet maintains the integrity of the whole.

We know that our educational system is in the basement. It will take a great deal of money to do a complete make-over of our national educational system, one reason why I am so pleased to place the bloated, wasteful, and largely ineffective national intelligence community–and its budget–under the direct influence of Secretary General Michael Bloomberg.

Within intelligence, which is about decision support, not about secrets, we will implement the various initiatives I have defined in my Human Intelligence Trilogy. The centerpiece of our national intelligence reform will be the Open Source Agency, starting at $125 million a year and growing quickly to $3 billion a year as a sister agency to the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), but remaining firmly under the budgetary and policy control of the Secretary General for Education, Intelligence, and Research.

Research is largely dead in America. The universities have sold out to corporations, the patent system is ignorant, corrupt, or both depending on the domain, the “web of knowledge” is virtually non-existent with a plethora of sub-disciplines and no “integrating” umbrella. No one is studying “true cost” of every element of every supply chain, and we only have 67 people studying computer code at the offensive and defensive levels of play. A third of the secret intelligence budget will be used to revitalize research, but in a multidisciplinary, firmly ecological, and very multinational manner. Open Everything will be our battle cry.

The Secretary General for Education, Intelligence, and Research will also oversee the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the new Strategy Center that David Abshire has long championed and Tony Zinni wrote about in The Battle for Peace, and the new Truth & Reconciliation Centre that we invite three prominent internationalists to lead for our common well-being. All three of these are not now, but should be, intelligence-driven organizations. I will of course take a personal interest in all three of these. Before I die, I want to help America achieve a “clean sheet” rebirth as a world power, one that acknowledges the truth of its past sins, and reconciles sincerely toward creating a prosperous world at peace. Information and intelligence, not guns and violence, are the only means to achieve this goal.

Now here are nine general marching orders.

  1. Voting will become mandatory in stages over four years, as part of the Electoral Reform program.  Education will make voting a much-desired and appreciated attribute of engaged citizenship.  Vote or lose Basic Income.
  2. Education will be year-round, life long, blended with free online learning and call centers. Practical certificate focused education will follow liberal arts done right — critical thinking skills, civics, ethics.
  3. Everyone, including immigrants, will come together in national service at 18 and again at 38, the first time for two years enlisted or four years officer, the second time for one year enlisted or two years officer.  To the extent possible, all citizens who wish to do so will be encouraged to remain in the Reserve, inclusive of the National Guard and a new Homeland Service Corps.
  4. The Open Source Agency will empower all eight tribes of intelligence, will be firmly rooted in “true cost” investigations of every product and service, and will have as its objective the use of intelligence to eradicate the ten high-level threats to humanity by harmonizing spending by all across the twelve core policy domains.
  5. The Open Source Agency will be the parent but not the controller of the Multinational Decision Support Centre and the global network of regional and national intelligence and call centers.  The Strategy Center and the Multinational Decision Support Centre will be co-located with the Open Source Center.
  6. All research funded by the public will remain in the public domain.
  7. Open Spectrum and Free/Open Source Software communications and computing are a priority, with the intent of shifting the entire federal government to open source software and hardware within four years as part of an accelerated “moonshot” toward creating a Smart Nation. We will move toward Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) as quickly as possible, see the graphic below.
  8. Every citizen will have health insurance; we will buy all drugs overseas and wholesale, for less than 5% of what our previously corrupt Congress has mandated, the full price without negotiation.  Individuals will be held responsible for a healthy lifestyle, organizations for a health environment–natural and alternative cures will have pride of place, with patient and family centered medical and pharmaceutical remediation as the last course.
  9. The Strategy & Truth & Reconciliation Centers will have as their objective the creation of a prosperous world at peace within twelve years, 75% within eight years, 50% within four years, using the Multinational Decision Support Centre as the Whole of Government and Coalition Operations support element.

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I will address long-needed specifics about the draconian reforms needed in the secret world in a later posting. For now I will simply say that in combination with the above initiatives, we can and should be able to reduce funding for secret intelligence sources and methods to $25 billion a year in 2012 dollars, applying the savings to education and research.

I pray that our President hears these pleas for sanity from We the People. He should be leading this fight, not kow-towing to King Jared and Sheldon Aldelson and the other agents of a foreign power that have hijacked  the US economy, US government, and US society.

These are my thoughts at this time.

If the President comes around and we see some arrests, election reform, a few other moves that empower the 99% and disempower the Zionists, he still has my vote.

If he fails to pass #UNRIG and he fails to dismiss Kushner and Bolton from the White House staff, then we will have to challenge him, We the People will not tolerate the Zionist parasite for one more term.

America First. Not Israel First.  Not Qatar or Saudi Arabia first.


Steele Sends.

UPDATE 1: Trump Defense

The push-back from Alert Readers is appreciated.  I have gotten push-back from Trump loyalists who read too quickly and did not “compute” all the bold statements were I assert my support for the President and my intent to vote for him; and from Alert Readers who simply cannot embrace the idea of someone like Howard Dean being included in a unity government.  I have also gotten very responsible push-back on the below graphic that is being retired — as much as I hate the Zionists, I will accept that it is a tad too pushy on the President as a transgender Clinton, so it is removed as the lead graphic.

Group One: The Deep State and the Democrats plan to “do a Nixon” on our President. They are going to keep hounding him and threatening his children as well as Jared Kushner, all of whom are probably “gettable” on tax evasion and real estate fraud.

Donald Trump Will Resign the Presidency in 2019 in Exchange for Immunity for Him and His Family, Former Bush Adviser Says

In my view, the President's best defense, which includes the statute of limitations kicking in on a lot of stuff, is to run and win in 2020.  There are good prospects for his winning IF IF IF he puts down the ZioCons, sponsors #UNRIG, and creates a truth channel.  Here is an upbeat view on winning big in 2020.

Zero Hedge: 2020 a Repeat of 1972? Trump as Nixon?

Group Two: Our President was  elected by 27% of the eligible voters. He has lost a portion of his base for failing to show public arrests, failing to do disclosure on 9/11 (which would take down the ZioCons), and missing other promises.  He is still out of touch with the 73% that did not vote for him (50% of the eligible voters did not vote at all. The Democrats AND the Republicans in Name Only are planning to steal the 2020 election from our President.  Even if he survives the Cohen and Mueller and Southern District of NY stuff, he is still facing a complicated situation in 2020.  The single best way to win big, legally, and to prevent the theft of the election is to do three things:

  1. #UNRIG Unity through Integrity Election Reform Act (Proposed) which among other things terminates CITIZENS UNITED and mandates paper ballots counted publicly on site;
  2. Pardon the Black Panthers and Native American leaders still in prison — they are POLITICAL prisoners — and make it clear to Independents and the small parties that he wants a Congress that is one third NOT Democratic or Republican.  He can ride that to a 40% instead of  27%.
  3. Start a RICO investigation against #GoogleGestapo and create the Open Source Agency with the Trump Studio — look at what the Mexican President is doing with a “fireside chat” every single morning that has tied the shit media in knots — and a TWO-WAY truth channel that allows him to engage with 180 million eligible voters.  Bill Shine and Brad Parscale simply do not know what they do not know.

Group Three: You are right, I am wrong, I do listen.  The transgender graphic is retired. I will not, however, backdown on Jared Kushner, John Bolton, and Eliott Abrams being dismissed from US Government service.  They disgrace us all.

I replaced it with the below for two reasons: first, because these craven anti-Constitutionalist and anti-American agents of foreign and corporate powers think they can do to Trump what they did to Nixon; and second, because there are clear signs that if Trump gets his groove back, he can do what Nixon did and win big.

— o —

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