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The Shape of a World At Peace with Sustainable Abundance For All

–  An Utopian-style Paradigm Shift Will Need Some Seriously Creative Challenges

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A book published in 1967 under the title “Report from Iron Mountain[1]” purported to be the document result of a 2.5 year long multi-disciplinary academic study made for the purpose of analyzing what concepts or mechanisms (if any) could be introduced to take the place of war in the case of universal peace, chiefly chosen for the purpose of ensuring the status quo of our current social and economic hierarchy or pyramid – by any “acceptable” means. Although this motivation is not spelled out or stated directly as such, that’s the obvious motivation of its commissioning (that is, provided it’s «real» and not a fictional-satiric simulacrum written in a dispassionate/misanthropic academic tenor). Anyways, it chooses to ignore realistic and doable global “Utopian” solutions beneficial to all but “The Elite”/“The Destroyers”/“The 0.001%” and their 3-4% minions, to be achieved through the implementation of a few currently suppressed/classified technologies based on classified physics phenomena which may be put into mass production globally at any time, quite fast, within months – this under a new ecumenical, diversified and distributed economic system[2], of course.

The state of our current predicament and the root of most of our important, crucial and biosphere-threatening global problems can be traced and absolutely isolated to two primary and not very obviously connected factors: The lack of an official Unified Field Theory (UFT) in physics, and the presence of a global and centrally controlled[3] national and regional Central Banking System having a de facto monopoly[4] on the production, value-setting and distribution of «money». The latter ensures control over virtually everything, from the contents of corporate mass media through the products of industry to the contents and curricula of the schooling/university system – including “The Laws of Physics” with their exclusion and denial of the possibility of both unlimited and non-polluting free energy and levitation[5], “incidentally” maintaining the current monopolies of the energy- and transportation cartels.

A related observation: When a business or organization is formed around a problem in the form of a common need[6], it is not in the interest of said biz./org that the problem goes away or is solved once and for all. This phenomenon is valid and working in academia too, even in “hard” sciences like physics[7] where, due to the denial of the verified existence of “The Ether” as the underlying medium and foundation for all matter and energy,  they can re-search as much as they like for generations of physicists using false/fabricated entities like “dark matter/dark energy” but never find (the UFT). “Common wisdom” has it that this is due to a null-reading from the very limited interferometer experiments done by Michelson and Morley way back in 1886 (which is false) while the confirming[8] rigorous and extensive work of Dr. Dayton Miller and others done after M&M is being suppressed and/or ignored. Hence, over the intervening years, we’ve seen a quantitative but not a qualitative change in industrial products like cars, planes, telephones etc. – in other words, stagnation of real development for over 100 years. Add “Planned Obsolescence”, the industrial design trend and philosophy where products are made to fail, and we have the m.o. of our current mega-parasitic system.

So what are the solutions? For starters, relate to this interesting fact: We have 2.2 x 1039 to work with. That is the relationship between the electromagnetic force and the force of gravity, in massive multi-magnitude favor of the former. Since a unified field theory implies a formal relationship between em and g with attendant engineerable equations (currently classified/suppressed like you won’t believe) it is a matter of convenience to decide what’s up/down, whether to pull or push any mass-weight, with a potentially tremendous but adjustable force using relatively little energy. Two point two times ten to the power of thirty-nine makes g close to zero, that is matter of convenience. So we may have levitating-anything – from personal vehicles (“flying saucers” come to mind..) to levitating villages, towns and cities, and atmosphere/spacecraft of different sizes, purposes and distance capabilities.

For those who consider this scenario to be pure fiction, consider this: Between 1998 and 2015, ~21 trillion dollars “disappeared” from the budgets of the U.S.’ DOD (Department Of Defense) and HUD (Housing and Urban Development)[9]. The historian Richard Dolan has coined the term “Breakaway Civilization” to describe a clandestine entity which apparently have used this enormous amount of money to develop technologies within fields such as (free, Ether-based) energy generation, propulsion, medicine/biotech, photonic computing, material- and processing technologies based on the ~6000 patents which are classified for alleged national security reasons[10], Dr. Nikola Tesla’s voluminous (still) classified papers plus not to mention decades of hyper-classified research on a compartmentalized need-to-know basis. Add to this that Benjamin Rich who led Lockheed Skunkworks for several years is alleged to have said that “we have the technology to bring E.T. back home” and a picture of a separate reality – extremely high-tech, feudal-hierarchical, ruthless, expansionist and probably Empire-minded[11] exists, parallel to the official dystopian one which  we all know and live in – emerges with some degree of clarity as to its form and contents.

If the reader now ask, “But wouldn’t some of this leak out into the public domain?” they fail to understand the very compartmentalized system, both horizontally and vertically, which these technologies have been developed under, and the grave consequences for those who dare break their signed draconian non-disclosure contracts for work in Unacknowledged Special Access Programs, or USAPs.  None but those few “elite” at the top of this clandestine system see the whole result from these ultra-secret programs.

Should anyone still believe that such a civilization could arise without the knowledge of the general population, be kept secret for so long, let them recall the Austrian “jew”[12] Josef “I was born to rape” Fritzl who kept his daughter and their children in his cellar for over 20 years without the knowledge of his family, friends, neighbors or colleagues, this on the wage of an electrician plus income from rental houses he owned. Then, from this observation, extrapolate the possibilities of those who have unlimited funding – due to their virtual monopoly on creating “money” – to develop the aforementioned technologies in secret and remote sites like the Groom Lake base in Nevada/USA, A.K.A. Area 51, Antarktica, and other remote and isolated places (or deep underground), and the scenario of an existing Breakaway Civilization should become not just believable, but downright probable.

Now, back to the factors and concepts which may lead to a global society where all ~7.7 billion of us can live the lifestyle of millionaires without a negative impact on the biosphere we live in and depend on. Important keywords and key concepts[13] here are: Chemurgy, Permaculture, Bio-mimicry, 3D Printing, Robotics,  Planned Longevity[14], Open Source Everything, Naturopathy, Local Democracy, Local Currencies, and the aforementioned crucial and underlying Unified Field Theory. Implemented together these concepts will have a powerful synergistic effect, giving rise to an explosive release of pent-up creativity and sustainable productivity at unprecedented levels (think “Wörgl-on-Steroids”..) resulting in a quiet, beautiful and nicely scented world. This is no pipedream; it can be achieved rapidly given a dedicated and competent initiative!

Apart from manufacturing fine climate-independent housing[15] and other essential material things for all plus provide individual (re)education adapted to our individual positive special interests and talents, there are two essential tasks which must be performed; a thorough cleaning-up of the oceans, land and air of our potentially paradisaical planet – this is a major and most necessary undertaking – and manned exploration of our own and the local solar systems in our galactic neighborhood with an eye to extraterrestrial diplomacy, general resource mapping, and potential for settling on non-settled terrestrial-like planets.

Getting to the core of this essay, its major ambition is to analyze the personal and sociological challenges which will arise from living in a (relocatable?) house with every imaginable feature which cover both primary and secondary needs in an average 3-hour work-week[16], including virtual reality-systems which projections are near indistinguishable from what we like to imagine to be “reality” in every physical detail. Unless every one of us can be offered challenges and roles to use our innate creativity, imagination and constructivity in our project to make our planet as beautiful and biologically abundant/diverse as possible, it can be tempting for many to spend most of their time in virtual worlds playing what amounts to nothing but zero-sum games. VR will however be invaluable in learning and training scenarios, also to design and try out virtual product prototypes before they are built saving time, money and materials.

Related to the above is education, which must be regarded as very different from mere schooling[17]. The moronic idea that one can stuff 20-50 children into a room with a grown-up in front of them rattling on about a subject which may or may not interest them more than the other children or another subject entirely, simultaneously pretending that the right (dreaming, intuitive) right brain hemisphere doesn’t exist, is at best counter-productive provided the primary goal is to encourage and realize the full potential of each individual child according to their own personal talents and interests.

One can relatively easy[18] design a multi-lingual/topic semi-AI expert teaching-system running on everything from a smartphone/laptop computer to a state-of-the-art VR rig capable of elevating nearly anyone from total illiteracy to expert-level knowledge in any field an indididual has talent and interest for; infinitely patient, capable of presenting an idea from several angles until it is understood, in the process adapting itself to any learner regarding any configuration of his/her talents, interests and mood. Combined with a from-village-to-city-wide network of maker houses theoretical knowledge can be manifested into concrete artifacts of any kind, from woodwork, electronics or any other handicraft through architecture, (bio)material-development and engineering to.. anything in the interest of furthering planet-wide Utopian Bliss.

To sum it up, this essay shows that we can have a global system enabling everyone to have affluent lifestyles with lots of spare time which must be utilised in creative, dynamic and sustainable[19] ways. These can be found in three primary and crucial areas of activity; cleaning up the oceans, land and air of our planet, modernizing and beautifying our common infrastructure with an emphasis on the cities, and do a detailed exploration of our galactic neighborhod in a sensible, non-aggressive fashion. This will represent a huge and exiting challenge to especially the young people of our world to educate themselves as pilots, navigators, engineers/technicians in space-exploration technology and exo-communicators/biologists/anthropologists. The important thing is that they can set out into the galaxy after graduation and explore it, safe in the knowledge they can return to an Earth existing in peace, harmony, and brimming with optimism for the future based on the coming present  – if we work for its realization.


[1]    See http://www.stopthecrime.net/docs/Report_from_Iron_Mountain.pdf for the original, or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Report_from_Iron_Mountain for a cabal-delivered laugh.

[2]  See http://www.lietaer.com/2010/03/the-worgl-experiment/ for how a local economic system can work.

[3]  Through the Bank for International Settlements (B.I.S.) situated in Basel, Switzerland.

[4]   Bar sundry local- and crypto/blockchain currencies and successful implementations such as  http://blog.hasslberger.com/2013/02/bashkir_farmers_local_demurrag.html#more (an echo from Wörgl..)

[5]  An old and venerable word, much to be preferred to the negative “anti-gravity” term.

[6]   In this context, primarily housing, clothing, food/drink, energy, transport, communication.

[7]  Complex products are based on and limited by engineerable equations from «textbook physics».

[8]  See http://www.orgonelab.org/miller.htm (De Meo) and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T0d7o8X2-E  (Martin Grusenick –  Extended Michelson-Morley Interferometer experiment. English version)

[9]   See https://missingmoney.solari.com

[10]  In reality, to ensure and maintain the de facto monopolies of the energy/transport/medical etc. cartels, see   https://fas.org/sgp/othergov/invention/index.html

[11]  Those on top of the “breakaway civilization”  are undoubtedly behind the push for “globalism” which ideals and agenda is hewn into the “Georgia Guidestones” for all to read, see https://rense.com/general16/georgiaguidestones.htm for their contents and an analysis.  ~13 in 14 individuals of those now living on Earth will have to disappear to enable fulfillment of “their” agenda. This text is written to  prove that mass murder for a sustainably global society is unnecessary, in fact Satanic, and not in the interest of  humanity nor the biosphere.

[12] In quotes, since they don’t have a drop of “Semitic blood” in them (as opposed to the Palestinians), see http://gbe.oxfordjournals.org/content/5/1/75.full and http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/leaked-report-israel-acknowledges-jews-in-fact-khazars-secret-plan-for-reverse-migration-to-ukraine/ for good measure.

[13]Each and every of these concepts must be studied separately and rigorously and seen as a wholistic gestalt.

[14]  A sensible and necessary replacement for the abominable “Planned Obsolescence” product philosophy.

[15]HempCrete is an ideal building material here, available globally from pole to pole (especially with the new free energy devices to be introduced enabling greenhouses anywhere) using architecture such as displayed at https://www.rogerdean.com/design/architecture/

[16]Since almost all basic infrastructure systems will be automatic, the main thing will be to monitor the workings of these systems, which may be done by almost anyone given a bit instruction, to alert experts for repairs when unforeseen faults arise.

[17]“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” – Mark Twain

[18]Based on Open Source hardware and software, naturally. In any living or ancient language.

[19]This word has been terribly abused by the same crowd who has held back workable and superior solutions in (free) energy generation, transport, food production, medicine etc. for over 100 years with every means at their disposal. Used here it simply means that we can do these things which are mentioned above in perpetuity with no negative impact on the biosphere while maintaining very decent living standards and a good, dynamic quality of life.

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