DefDog: Sonic Warfare and Beyond 5G to 6G Genocide & Ecocide

04 Inter-State Conflict, 05 Civil War, 07 Health, 07 Other Atrocities, 09 Justice, 10 Transnational Crime, 11 Society, Corruption, Earth Intelligence, Government, IO Impotency, Law Enforcement, Military, Officers Call

Terahertz waves will vaporize us, especially if you create standing waves. FCC is now not only complicit but actively organizing genocide and ecocide and crimes against humanity.

FCC opens 95GHz to 3THz spectrum for ‘6G, 7G, or whatever’ is next

Article below has concerns about gap between law and weaponized sound. Some would say we are in gross violation of the “precautionary principle.”

PDF (26 Pages): Sonic warfare – weaponized sound law