Phantom Phixer: Donald Trump Vindicated – FBI Source Since 1981 [Also Connects Mueller to Trump and Barr in a Surprisingly Good Way]

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ENDGAME : POTUS Trump's Vindication Nears

Rex in Quod Verum, 16 March 2019

Leftists have long alleged that Donald Trump has conducted crimes with the mafia, as well as with Russian oligarchs. What they can never explain is why Trump has never been indicted. As REX explains, there may be a reason for that. And in 2019, it's all connected to POTUS Trump's masterful takedown of The Swamp.

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Trump Started Working With The FBI Since 1981

Enter Donald J Trump. In this FBI memorandum dated 22 September, 1981 an FBI agent records his meetings with Trump and a ‘source' (in my view, almost certainly Roy Cohn) to discuss Trump's plan to open casinos in Atlantic City. Trump notes his concern about organized crime and offers to become a confidential informant should he proceed with the project. He even proposed having undercover agents in his casino.

Everyone should read the memorandum in full.

The Russians : Bayrock & Sater

Believe it or not, but the lamentable BuzzFeed produced a very good article in March, 2018 focussing on Felix Sater, one of Trump's longest business associates and an astonishing individual in his own right, as a US spy.

Trump & Sater? Both had been FBI informants for years. Connect the dots – Sater was working & Trump were working for the FBI and using Bayrock, a legitimate business, as a honey pot/ bait for Russian money launderers and crooks. And they're still close, I suspect. Sater is loyal to Trump.

Oh, Bayrock? Who was the FBI Director all this time? Well, well, well.

Robert Mueller.

Incoming : The Storm

Now consider these remarkable ‘coincidences':

Who led the Mafia Commission prosecution? Rudy Giuliani.

Who led the Gambino prosecution? Robert Mueller, who was USAG for the DOJ Criminal Division between 1990-1993. Who was working for Mueller at DOJ, during this time?

Rod Rosenstein.

And who was the Deputy Attorney General between May 1990 and 26 November, 1992, before becoming the Attorney-General?

William Barr.

And how about this?

Barr's DAG in the 1990's was George Terwilliger. His son, Zachary, was Grassley's DOJ investigator for Judiciary. Zachary Terwilliger then became Rod Rosenstein's Chief of Staff, before being appointed United States Attorney, for the Eastern District of Virginia. Who did Zachary Terwilliger replace in Virginia?

Dana Boente. Ring a bell?

Boente is now the FBI Chief Legal Counsel

And how about Donald J Trump, patriot, billionaire, FBI informant?

President of the United States of America.

Read full article.


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