Owl: William Craddick on New Zealand False Flag

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Who? Who?

No doubt in my mind, based on these tweets alone, this was a false flag.

This reporter, William Craddick, has gathered a remarkable trove of information on NZ attack that shows official story does not add up while pointing to a false flag. He put them out them in tweets I cut/pasted below. Look at 2nd one with video especially – it’s dynamite!! First one describes it:

William Craddick‏ @williamcraddick

  1. After attempts to discredit the authenticity of a video I noted showing two non-police gunmen on the road from downtown to Christchurch's international airport were unsuccessful, the footage was removed from Twitter entirely.


2. This video shows 2 shooters in ChristChurch attack referred to above:


3. You hear the police sirens in the last 1-2 minutes of the video. But by their own admission, they took 36 minutes, (15 minutes after you hear them first in the video). What (or who) held them back for so long? During terror attacks the entire area gets locked down. Map stations.


4. Since you are supposedly so evidence based, prove to me that Tarrant hit the second mosque. He stopped filming after the first attack. How did he manage to drive right past multiple police stations where police were responding to a terror attack and hit another target?


5. Everyone I've talked to this morning about the Christchurch attacks thinks it was done by a lone gunman. They had no idea that video footage of other shooters exists or that multiple suspects were arrested. I find this very strange.


6. Why have zero details been released about the other suspects arrested along with the Christchurch shooter? We have them on video carrying firearms, it's public knowledge that this was not a lone wolf attack the the NZ government needs to give the public information.


7. Note the picture at this tweet: There has also been additional footage circulating showing arrestees in military fatigues which are also not reflected in official reports


8. Footage already shows up to two other shooters who have not been mentioned by police. Neither of these individuals are likely Tarrant since he was wearing a helmet and the ones here wear baseball caps.


9. Witness statements say that the police took nearly 20 minutes to arrive and ambulances took half an hour. Why did this happen? Why did police not stop the attackers as they move past police stations from the first target to the second?


10. NZ PM lying: Tarrant was “On nobody's radar, anywhere” except for the fact that the gun club he belonged to was reported to the police prior to the shooting.


11. John Q. MAGA It's all about the video because it shows Tarrant had military training based on the way he clears the building. New Zealand also might not want Spain to realize some of their nationals were potentially connected to the embassy break-in.


12. Elizabeth Lea Vos‏ @ElizabethleaVos Tarrant visited North Korea and you're asking me to believe he was on no intelligence agency's radar? Really.


13. New: Evidence Indicates Link Between North Korean Embassy Break-In And Christchurch Attacks


14. If you want to get a better understanding of how Christchurch might relate to affairs in North Korea, start looking into Chinese intelligence connections to the New Zealand government


15.Tarrant's travels to places like Pakistan and North Korea should have caused him to come under scrutiny from intelligence services. If he started to radicalize two years ago why did he escape detection?


16. Very important to note that the Bruce Rifle Club explicitly catered to people who owned military grade rifles or weaponry. This is a place where people in the military or special operations members would go for target practice and socializing.


17. The website and YouTube channel for the Bruce Rifle Club of Dunedin, where Terrant would train have been totally removed from the web. The gun club was “part owned by Chinese interests.”


18 How did Tarrant get access to so much military grade weaponry and accessories like extended magazines and expensive weapons sights? How did New Zealand's government draft changes to gun control laws so quickly after a massive tragedy? All questions that should be asked.


19. NEW: Terrant appears to have also visited Afghanistan and Xinjiang, China. Xinjiang has for some years had issues with Islamic extremism and unrest against the Chinese government. Travel privileges for foreign nationals there are normally restricted.


20 BREAKING: Turkish officials tell local media that Tarrant previously entered the country “to carry out a terror attack and/or an assassination.”


21. New Zealand's government is now trying to hunt down any citizens in possession of the unedited footage of the attack. If it wasn't obvious that this tragedy is being used as a giant power grab in New Zealand, it should be now.


22. I wonder what all the billionaires who own bunkers in New Zealand are thinking about the entire Christchurch attack, the government censorship, and the gun grab that will affect all their private security who are equipped with semi-automatic weapons…


Phi Beta Iota: Turkey is sending its own investigative team, they will probably be stone-walled.  The government of New Zealand is clearly complicit in all aspects of this false flag attack and in panic over its failed cover-up. It would be useful for China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India, all of whom know the truth, to demand full access for an international tribunal that can fry the Zionists on this one, and add to the growing demand that President Donald Trump fulfill his campaign promise on 9/11 disclosure.  Election 2020 will be about the Deep State, the Zionists, and False Flags — there is no avoiding this issue.


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