Gareth Porter: How the U.S. Navy Sold the Vietnam War with Lies About Anti-Catholic Atrocities

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Gareth Porter

How the U.S. Navy Sold the Vietnam War

Dr. Tom Dooley, whose best-selling book “Deliver Us From Evil” helped create a favorable climate of opinion for U.S. intervention in South Vietnam, has long been linked to legendary CIA officer Edward G. Lansdale and his black operations in Vietnam between 1954 and 1955. But the real story about Dooley’s influential book, which has finally emerged from more recent scholarly research, is that it was engineered by an official of the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Command, Capt. William Lederer.

The book’s constantly reiterated theme of Dooley’s book “Deliver Us From Evil” was that the Ho Chi Minh government was determined to suppress the Catholic faith in Vietnam and used torture and other atrocities to terrorize Catholics into submission. That was a grotesque distortion of actual Viet Minh policy. The Ho Chi Minh government had worked hard from the beginning of the war to ensure that there was no interference with Catholics’ exercise of their faith, even establishing severe legal penalties on any infringement of that freedom.

But Dooley’s book was full of lurid descriptions of North Vietnamese Communist atrocities against Catholics that Dooley claimed to have known about from treating the victims. It told of the Viet Minh having partially torn off the ears of several teenagers with pliers and left them dangling—supposedly as punishment for their having listened to the Lord’s Prayer.

And he described the Viet Minh taking seven youths out of their classroom and forcing wooden chopsticks through their eardrums. The children, he wrote, had been accused of “treason” for having attended a religious class at night. As for the teacher, Dooley claimed the Viet Minh had used pliers to pull out his tongue, as punishment for having taught the religious class.

But it was widely recognized within the U.S. government that these stories were false.

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Phi Beta Iota: Lies about atrocities are a form of false flag or covert action intended to deceive the public into favoring actions that are themselves atrocities.  What we did to Viet-Nam, including napalm and Agent Orange, was an atrocity — day after day after day. It also wiped out an entire generation of youth, mostly black because many of the whites were given easy draft-dodging options. It was also the US Navy that concocted the Tonkin Gulf incident. US citizens need to know there are three “mafias” within the US Navy — the Catholic mafia, the Zionist mafia, and the Pentecostalist/Evangelical mafia that is a sub-set of the Zionist mafia. They all love war and have no love for the American public that provides the blood, sweat, and tears for war.

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