State of the Nation: Presidential Alert – Stop 5G or Lose Florida

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5G CATASTROPHE: Mr. President, you leave us no choice!

An Open Letter to President Donald J. Trump

Dear Mr. President:

We are a group of very concerned citizens who reside in Florida. Our health, environmental and political network is deep and wide across the entire state.

All of us worked arduously to elect you in 2016 by helping to secure the deciding 29 electoral votes of Florida.

Now to the essential point of this open letter: the 5G roll-out must be shut down. Surely you have read and heard enough of the hard scientific evidence by now that you know 5G is dangerous to the extreme.

Read full letter.

Phi Beta Iota: Florida and Texas are in play and the President is by no means assured of an electoral victory in either state.  The author(s) of the above letter represent an extraordinary network across Florida that has the power to deny  the President a victory in Florida in 2020.

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