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13 American Gray Swans – Week 21 – Martin Tower

Sunday May 19th 2019 the icon of Bethlehem Steel –  Martin Tower  – was taken down by controlled demolition.

For those living in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, and especially those that went to Lehigh University or Moravian College in Bethlehem it seemed like the end of an era. Bethlehem Steel was at one time the 2nd largest steel maker in the world, the largest ship maker in America, and the 14th largest industrial company in the country.

Interesting to note the similarities of collapse of Martin Tower at the 4:00 minute mark, Martin Tower  and the Salomon Building (Building 7 of the World Trade Center) Salomon Building.

Small Fires or Controlled Demolition? You be the judge. Could it be that we where lied to?

13 American Gray Swans are 13 predictable events that if any of them happen will shut down the Just In Time (JIT) delivery system, thus stopping food delivery paralyzing our country. Some of the Gray Swans are guaranteed to happen, we just do not know when. And other Gray Swans have an extremely high probability of happening. Why our government and DOD do nothing about this is a mystery.

One reason for a weekly update is to show the stunning amount of documentation on the Gray Swans, so we hopefully can not be lied to again. Don’t think it could happen? Well 320 million Americans didn’t think 911 could happen either. This time it will be the end of our country.

There is a saying, “We inherit the sins of our fathers”. Another way to write this is “We endow our sins to our children and grandchildren”.  We have no Food Security in America – which is a sin for our size and wealth. Are we going to solve it, or endow it?

Gray Swan 1 – EMP

Americas Time To Prepare For Catastrophe Is Running Out

Comment – This is a No-brainer. If we do not harden our electric grid it is simply a matter of time before it fails. Along with this, we must create regional Food Security and that is only done by small sustainable farms that are also hardened against an EMP, financial collapse, and loss of the JIT system. We need a minimum critical mass of food produced within 30 miles of all population centers.

That this is a No-brainer, and Congress has not taken action for over 20 years with our money – which indicates they have no brains. (Just joking – some are pretty smart – they are just compromised by pedophilia blackmail. I am not a lawyer – thank God – but I would think that it is a treasonous offense)

BTW – how is it that it costs maybe $5 billion to harden the grid, and Diane can become a billionaire on $175 k a year but not spend our money to protect her fiefdom?

Gray Swan 5 –  Cyber Attack

NSA-Created Malware Wreaking Havoc on American Cities

Comment – So here we have a prime example of our own Malware creating damage to our own systems. Do you not think our enemies can not do this? If anything takes down the Internet, banking, satellite systems the Food does not get delivered. This is inevitable.

Gray Swan 6 – World War III

How Iran can strike US targets in the Middle East: Missiles, sea mines, drones and jihadist militias

Comment – It seems like a Prime ignition point for WW III. Of course it will be their fault, which will be good to know if we destroy all humanity on Earth.


Comment – I am not defending Iran, but is seems to me all countries are lying about their nuclear programs, with the biggest liar being Israel that says they do not have any nukes. Does Israel have nukes or not? So our satellites can read the writing on a dime from space, but we can not identify that Israel has nuclear weapons – rumored at over 200? Oh, BTW – is it being anti-Semitic to ask Israel to abide by International Law? Oh look, if they admit it, they loose $30 billion of US funding. Lets ignore the facts.

Iran President: “U.S. Blocking our Ships from ALL Countries for 10 days

Comment – No, this can’t be true. The US would never instigate a war!

Trump Sending Ground Troops to Middle East; Iran General says their “Hand is on the trigger”

Comment – Great, lets expand the Middle East war with attacking another country. After 18 years have they not figured it out yet?

If the U.S. Goes to War With Iran, Netanyahu Will Be the Prime Suspect

Comment – It is becoming more and more obvious every day who was behind 911 and why.

Israel vs. Russia: The Middle East War That Could Become a Nuclear Train Wreck

Comment – There is something Biblical about this. I suggest you have a safe location when the missiles start flying, if there is such a thing.

Risk of nuclear war is highest since WW2, perhaps it is time to start paying attention

Comment – We needed to start paying attention 18 years ago when 911 was done.

Taiwan holds largest military drill for five years as country simulates Chinese invasion

Comment – And now the Taiwanese are getting ready.

The Pentagon Asks Trump To Send Thousands Of U.S. Troops To The Middle East

Comment – How about return our troops already there and let Israel sort it out themselves.

India & Pakistan – This Might Be Where the Very First Total Nuclear War Starts

Comment – Has the whole world gone Bat Sewage Crazy? We have at least 6 locations that can trigger a world war.

US intercepts 4 Russian bombers, 2 fighter jets off Alaska coast

Comment – With respect – we are the ones that stationed the B-52s on the Norwegian-Russian border 3 years ago.

Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

Comment – 2025? It looks like they are battling it our now. Let us total ignore words like HAARP and Woodpecker. Here is a good clip of a least favorite President – LJB in 1962

Gray Swan 7 – Credit Collapse

After Trillions Printed Under QE, Politicians Now Say Deficits Don’t Matter

Comment – This is also a No-brainer. The people who make these statements have No Brains. They obviously never ran a private corporation successfully.

But wait, there is possibly an explanation. The majority of the no brain politicians are just puppets. Just look at Nancy, Diane, Chucky and now AOC do their puppet dance.  The people that really control this world do have brains, and can hire the smartest people in the world to advise them. Under what paradigm would they allow the world to self-destruct financially? There are a few, but the bottom line is there is no reason to run a balanced budget if you know a cataclysm is going to happen. In fact, you would run the printing presses as fast as possible to buy assets in preparation of the cataclysm.

What a coincidence – that is what we are seeing. All governments are massively in the Red with no indications of stopping, while hording gold and silver. They are building their military. We are building a Space Force. Look how many countries sent up space rockets in the last year. We even have a few private citizens trying to get to Mars. And of course, nobody can say how much money is out there as the Fed controlling the World Reserve Currency has never been audited.

In other words, it looks like they know the table that the World Fiat money Monopoly Game is being run on is going to get its legs kicked out by something and is out of their control. The best they can do is turbo charge the Monopoly game and get ready.

Bummer – if the Fiat Money system goes down so does Food Delivery.

Even Before The Recession Has Officially Begun, Some Large U.S. Firms Are Laying Off Thousands Of Workers

Comment – Early indicators or just adjustment? Hard to say. But it is good we have food. Oh wait, if the system collapses we do not have food. It is 1,500 miles away

Floods Swamp U.S. Farm Belt – WSJ

Comment – Whether a Gray Swan Credit Collapse or Solar Minimum, either way when the farms go down that is it – no food. Apparently people are not listening. We need farmers more than they need us. Whatever your job is, it is secondary after growing food.

If Deutsche Bank Breaks $6.40 World in Trouble

Comment – I hate to break it everybody, the world is already in trouble. We have 6 locations where WW III is about to break out, DB’s stock value seems trivial if the nukes start flying. This may simply be the 1st domino.

The U.S. Can No Longer Hide From Its Deep Poverty Problem

Comment – Agreed, but a bigger question. Can we solve it? 15% of Americans are on EBT Food Stamps. If just a few dominoes start falling we can quickly have that number to 30% and if the JIT system stops that jumps to 90%.

People Today Believe Anything But Reality

Comment – With food we can solve virtually all problems, without it we can solve none. In America we have no Food Security. The reality of our situation is Food delivery can be turned off tomorrow.

The Boycott Begins: Chinese Company Orders Employees To “Stop Using American Products

Comment – Isn’t this the way WW II started – Economic wars that started physical wars?

The CPI Is Underrepresenting Food Inflation By 40%: Here’s The Proof

Comment – Oh, heart be still  – Would the US Government ever distort, manipulate, lie on data to fulfill their agenda?

The Dollar Store Backlash Has Begun

Comment – another indication that our systems are imploding.

Gray Swan 8 – Epidemic

The battle against Ebola is failing

Comment – If any large epidemic hits America it shuts down the JIT delivery system, and no food gets delivered. So I am not sure what kills you first – the epidemic or famine?

Miliband: Ebola situation is getting worse

Comment – Just one example.

UN names new ‘Ebola czar’ for growing DRC outbreak

Comment – The UN placed an MBA in charge of an Ebola Outbreak. Well that fills me with the warm and fuzzies. MBA stands for Master of Business Administration – Is Ebola a business administration issue? That sound like Americans sending lawyers to Congress to solve engineering, medical, and economic issues. Oh look – on average, 75% of Congress is lawyers. Watson, I think I have identified the problem.

Gray Swan 10 – New Madrid Earthquake

Magnitude-8 earthquake strikes Amazon jungle in Peru

Comment – Peru does not have a JIT delivery system that 1 fault line controls, we do. Also, Peru’s food is not on average 1,500 miles away – ours is. We have no regional Food Security in America, and our Government and DOD do nothing to correct this issue.

Scientists predict the Cascadia ‘Big One’ will occur during a ‘slow slip event’ on the West Coast

Comment – while technically not a 13 Gray Swan, if California gets hit hard with “The Big One” than we may not be able to absorb the financial shock as it is the 8th largest economy in the world.

Earthquake WARNING: Earth’s rotation is SLOWING and it will lead to MAJOR tremors

Comment – I guess if all cows faced one direction and farted in unison that could cause the Earths rotation to slow down. AOC and the Pope can use this to prove Man-made Global Warming. Although we could simply turn the cows around and have them fart again in the other direction to speed up the rotation. How stupid does someone have to be to believe this?

Something is happening that is disturbing the equilibrium of the Solar System, and last I checked the other planets don’t have cows nor SUVs. The bottom line – our world food production will collapse.

For us in America – if and when the New Madrid Fault (which is long overdue) lets loose our JIT delivery system stops. We can solve this by removing our dependency on it for critically important things like Food!

Gray Swan 12 – Solar Minimum

Global Food Crises Ahead As Extreme Weather Events Devastate Crops Around The World

Comment – a brief 3 minute summary on what we are seeing from Extreme Weather effect on our World Food Supply. .

48 million under threat of severe weather

Comment – That is 14% of the country under threat from 1 storm. The Solar Minimum indicates this is just the beginning. And how many attacks can we have on our food production?

Eight million salmon killed in a week by sudden surge of algae in Norway

Comment – We are loosing the World Food Production by “Death by 1,000 cuts”. We must be proactive in the creation of Sustainable Agriculture before we run out of food.

Bali’s Mount Agung erupts and volcanic ash spreads across the sky

Comments – More volcanic eruptions – and what happens if we get a volcanic winter? Now I know this might be a difficult question to answer – a few hundred million cows with digestive gas or 1 angry Sun?

Birth of an underwater volcano in the Indian Ocean

Comment – an estimated 60% of the worlds volcanoes are under the sea. 90 under the ice shield of Antarctica. Do you think these have the possibility of heating the oceans and melting the ice? Or maybe we have scuba diving cows?


Comment – What we are seeing is extreme weather events around the world, and they are increasing in severity and frequency. This just happens to fit the predictions of a Solar Minimum. Without a doubt, expect this to hit our food production.

Italy: floods, hail and bad weather affect fruits and vegetables

Comment – Proof, extreme weather is destroying world food production. Shall we wait until there is no food, or proactively install solutions?

Pope Francis Calls For Global Governance to Fight Climate Change

Comment – The same institution (the Vatican) that would burn you at the stake for disputing that the “Sun revolves around the Earth” thereby disrupting their “control” system, is the same institution today saying “Climate Change is Man Made” therefore legally have your country sign over control of energy and water use to the UN. Coincidence! Do you really think things have change that much in a few hundred years?

Do you think possibly the Bloodlines are in a fight for control of Earth? Or is that a myth and conspiracy theory?

POURING IT ON: How Climate Change Intensifies Heavy Rain Events

Comment – I do not know how I can emphasize the severity of the situation. Their is simply a huge amount of information showing our world food stocks and our World Food Production are collapsing.

We in America have the ability, technology, and wealth to stabilize our food production, but only if we take action now.

Senate passes disaster aid bill after deal with Trump

Comment – It is good to see the Congress and President react. This is reactive. At some point we will not have the disaster aid to give. We need to get Proactive and have our Government and the DOD support development of Food Security in this country.

Oh, BTW, let us just do some simulated War scenarios using Food Production and see how fast the pompous DOD gets their heads handed to them, just like when Jim Rickards did it with financial war games. Jim Rickards: Pentagon’s Financial War Game  Let us ignore the evidence – The US has been getting ‘its ass handed to it’ in war games

Shocking drone footage reveals extent of devastation caused by monster tornado

Comment – Anybody see evidence of massive climate change?

Flooding disrupts farm shipments on the Mississippi River

Comment – just a microcosm of how climate change can interrupt our food delivery.

Gray Swan 13 – Civil War

7 signs Civil War is about to happen in the U.S

Comment – It is not just me, many people are picking up the signs. This is a nice summary of some of the issues.

Somali Mob with Hammers Descends on Minneapolis East Bank Train Station Patrons

Comment – Uncontrolled immigration will start a Civil War, even worse – it may provoke ethnic cleansing and this seems to be initiated by the Globalists, the UN, and the Vatican. Look surprised!

Rural America Is On The Verge Of Collapse

Comment –  As a Gray Swan this article can support either a Credit Collapse and/or a Civil War.

No Farmers = No Food.

When the farms go down expect the guns to come up.

CITY DEMANDS Removal of American Flag

Comment – Reminds be of the movie Brave Heart – 2 clans arguing over what is right, while the King steals all the money and resources. It seems a pretty poor reason to ignite a Civil War over – what size of our flag we can display. Obviously neither side ever lived in a Soviet Country because both sides would go to the Gulags.

Pennsylvania School District Bans Recitation of “God Bless America”

Comment – Like I said – looks like someone is trying to provoke a Civil War.

Best prepare, and influence our Government & DOD to take action.

J.C. Cole

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