Berto Jongman: Zionist Israel Takes Down Austrian Government with Entrapment Video

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Berto Jongman

Israel leaked video that brought down Austrian government, says German ex-spy chief

She posed as the Latvian niece of a Russian oligarch with ties to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. In exchanges that lasted for several months, the woman told Gudenus that she planned to move with her daughter to Vienna and was interested in investment opportunities. She eventually invited him and Strache to a meeting in a villa in the Spanish resort island of Ibiza. It was there where the video was recorded.

Adam points out that the villa in Ibiza appeared to have been fitted with at least six hidden cameras, in the living room, kitchen and veranda.

Phi Beta Iota: Israel did not just leak the video, they used a false flag alleged investor to entrap the Austrian leaders into being indiscreet, while surreptitiously taping them without permission.  This is is  textbook Zionist “dirty trick.”

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