J. C. Cole: American Gray Swans 7 May 2019

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American Gray Swans – Week 18

What is it about our species that ignores the blatantly obvious that will cause our own extinction?

We are victims of our own belief systems.

For most Americans, their belief system can not wrap itself around the concept that our country can collapse, and in a heartbeat.

The purpose of writing 13 American Gray Swans is to point out the combined probability that at least one of the 13 Threats facing America to shut down our “Just in Time” (JIT) delivery system is guaranteed to happen 100%. We simply do not know which one and when.

A Gray Swan is a predictable event but is considered unlikely and therefor ignored. The 13 American Gray Swans are not the only Threats facing our country, they are just some of the most obvious and easy to prove.

In our present positioning of national “Food Security” the collapse of the “JIT” delivery system will destroy the country. No Food = No Humans.  In our case No Food Delivery = No Food = 320 million Americans with more than 320 million guns fighting for food.

That is not a Conspiracy Theory – it is fact.

Again, we are victims of our belief systems. And what is instrumental in forming our belief systems?

Try movies, news, education, monetary policy, and government policy.

Can you say Hollywood, MSM, Rockefeller Foundation, FED, and CFR in one sentence?

And what bloodlines control them? As Gomer Pyle said “Surprise Surprise”!

That those bloodlines could have intentionally set up our vulnerability with the JIT delivery system is a Conspiracy Theory, but some would call it a covert Samson Option. What an interesting phrase, was Samson a “Mighty Man of renown”?

From Wikipedia – The Samson Option (Hebrew: ברירת שמשון) is the name that some military analysts and authors have given to Israel‘s deterrence strategy of massive retaliation with nuclear weapons as a “last resort” against a country whose military has invaded and/or destroyed much of Israel.

The name is a reference to the biblical Israelite judge Samson who pushed apart the pillars of a Philistine temple, bringing down the roof and killing himself and thousands of Philistines who had captured him, crying out “Let me die with the Philistines!”

 It is basically Black Mail. If they can not get what they want, then they will kill everybody while suiciding  themselves. Again, as Gomer Pyle said “Surprise Surprise”! Who would ever expect these bloodlines to use Black Mail, certainly Congress did not. Have any pictures of pizza and hot dogs?

Whether a Conspiracy Theory or not, the facts are our country is positioned for a massive collapse, and it is simple to trigger.

Here is a short list of articles that appeared only this week (Week 18) supporting the increased probability of Gray Swans happening. I think a read of just the titles will give a good indication.

Gray Swan #1 – EMP from the Sun

“Sun Erupting, CMEs/Plasma, Geo-Engineering | May.4.2019 – YouTube”  – Suspicious Observers


Comments – Gee, 2 CME’s fired off May 4th. Fortunately not facing Earth, but that active Sun spot is rotating to face Earth shortly.

Gray Swan #6 – World War III

“Russia launches sub that will carry doomsday nuke drone torpedo” – Ars Technica


Comments – Anybody notice how few strategic coastal cities Russia has, and how many NATO countries have?

“Massive fire raging at ballistic missile plant in Russia (Video)” –  UNIAN


Comments – isn’t it a coincidence that just a few days after Putin announced launching a new submarine with the new Poseidon unstoppable nuclear torpedo that a fire burns down the Russian ballistic missile factory?  Boy, a lot of strange fires these days – Notre Dame, one of the Holiest Christian sites in Europe, and the same day the Dome of the Rock the 3rd Holiest Muslim sight. Dam, if I was a conspiracy theorist that would look like Zionist Lightening to me. But conspiracies don’t exist because the CIA told us so.

“F.E. Warren AFB tests Minuteman III missile with launch from Vandenberg” – U.S. Air Force


Comments – what a coincidence – the Air Force just decided to test an ICBM. Nice timing.

“Top U.S. Officials Gather To Discuss “Military Options” In Venezuela As Russia Warns Of “Grave Consequences” If America Invades” – TMIN


Comments – It is clear – Venezuela is one of the potential trigger points for the proxy wars to go to a direct WW III. Also, check out what it is like for a population with No Food caused by government control. Now just imagine 2/3rds of the population having guns, but that can’t happen in Venezuela because guns where confiscated 7 years ago. Coincidence?

“2 Aircraft Carriers Have Left Port – Are The USS Eisenhower And The USS Roosevelt Headed South Toward Venezuela?” – Economic Collapse Blog

2 Aircraft Carriers Have Left Port – Are The USS Eisenhower And The USS Roosevelt Headed South Toward Venezuela?

Comments – Where the ships are going has not been verified but the timing and direction are certainly suspicious, and Lindsey Graham wants to know also.

“A Member Of Congress Is Claiming That The Russians Have Already Put Nuclear Missiles In Venezuela” – TMIN


Comments – Whether they did, or did not, it is certainly an inflammatory statement. Is Congressman Diaz-Balart our version of Vladimir Zhirinovsky? I guess the honorable Congressman ignores the B-52s we stationed in Norway a few years ago on the Russian border “practicing bombing runs on Russia”, and the missile shields in Romania and Poland. Those dam aggressive Russians, how dare they move their country next to our NATO bases.

“President Trump’s Executive Order Indirectly Warns America to Prepare for a UN Sponsored Red Dawn Invasion” – The Common Sense Show


Comments – this is Hodge’s opinion, but it has some validity. The UN is clearly pushing Gun Confiscation (along with the Pope), and Trump did just sign an EO removing the US from the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, and we are certainly missing transparency of U.N. operations in our country.

Gray Swan #7 – Credit Collapse

“JPMorgan: We Are Fast Approaching The Point Where Banks Run Out Of Liquidity” – Zero Hedge

Comments – when there is no liquidity there is no borrowing, and a majority of businesses stop from lack of cash. Maybe this is better listed under Gray Swan 13 – Civil War.

“Americans Brace For Shock Surge In Everyday Food Prices” – Zero Hedge

Comments – All that is needed is a straw to break the camels back. When people have to borrow money (credit) so they can eat, I would say the Fat Lady is beginning to sing. And if she sings, she will not be fat for long.

Food Crisis Alert: U.S. Farmer Income PLUMMETS – Mac Slavo


Comments – It takes a minimum of 5 years to create a farm, and it takes 5 hours for a bankruptcy auction to destroy a farm. What intelligent species destroys its own food production … for any reason? We can live without politicians, bankers, billionaires, lawyers, administrators, brokers, royalty, elite, actors, new autos, new computers, new houses, ect … but we can not live without farms and farmers. Quite honestly, the vast majority of people reading this article have no valuable skills if the farms go down … sorry – you are expendable, basically a liability. I believe Henry Kissinger called these people – “Useless Eaters”. And ironically, it seems he qualifies himself. When the farms go down, expect the guns to come up.

“I Dare You To Tell Me The Economy Is “Booming” After Reading This List Of 19 Facts About Our Current Economic Performance” – Michael Snyder


Comments – Indicators a financial Heart Attack is coming, and Credit is the lifeblood of our economy. If and when it collapses the “JIT” delivery system stops.

“Russia Largest Buyer of GOLD in the World in Q1 2019, China Second” – Sputnik International


Comments – why is it that Russia and China are both producing and buying a stunningly huge amount of gold, and our Bozos can not even audit ours? Mnuchin holds up a gold bar, Yup it is all here. Now there is someone I would trust, a VP from Goldman Sachs. Obviously he was skilled enough by just holding it to tell it was not the tungsten rumored to have been replaced by one of his predecessors from Goldman. Do you think the Russians and Chinese know something and are preparing for it?

“Postmaster General: Postal Service Is In “Death Spiral””  – The Washington Standard


Comments – Most Americans are unaware the effects of the USPS collapse will be. It is the 2nd largest civilian employer in the nation. It delivers 40% of the worlds mail. In 2017 it was $15 billion in debt. It is a huge non-bank financial service provider doing $21 billion in money orders. That isn’t a straw to break the camels back, it is a falling oak tree.

Gray Swan #8 – Pandemic

“Ebola situation worsening while support lags” – WHO


Comments – It is just a matter of time before a Pandemic hits. Besides the damage of the Pandemic, the JIT delivery system shuts down and no food gets delivered.

“Our antibiotics are no match for superbugs, and it’s a ‘global crisis,’ UN report says” – CNN


Comments – Another indication of our failing systems. Maybe they should allow the Royal Rife machine before the antibiotics fail totally? No, that would destroy the cash flow to the elites.

“Pig ‘Ebola’ Virus Sends Shock Waves Through Global Food Chain” – Bloomberg


Comments – besides wiping out our food supply, Animal Pandemics can jump to humans. Especially concerning is H7 N9 strain of the Bird Flu.

“Bubonic plague outbreak sees medics board plane in Mongolia” –  Daily Mail Online


Comments – Most Americans are unaware the Bubonic Plague is already in many states. It is kept in check with “Flea Powder” and antibiotics. Just dandy – we are protected from the Black Plague by flea powder – what possibly could go wrong? If we loose antibiotics this will be a massive killer.

Gray Swan #9 – El Hierro (La Palma)

“What If A Mega-Tsunami Hit The United States?” – What If


Comments – This can be triggered by Mother Nature, a tactical nuke, or Tesla Technology.

Gray Swan #10 – New Madrid Earthquake

“Mississippi River Breaks 1993 Flood Record” – Zero Hedge


Comments – Water weighs 8.34 lbs/gal. With this flood a huge amount of weight is about to be placed right over the New Madrid Fault line thus being a potential trigger. Also, water is considered a lubricator by geologists.

Additionally the massive flooding caused by the extreme weather changes “possibly” caused by the approaching Solar Minimum is destroying our crop production (Gray Swan 12). Either that or farting cows!

Gray Swan #12 – Solar Minimum

“A Perfect Storm of Cosmic Rays” – Spaceweather.com
Comments – Does anybody understand what the effect of an increase in Gamma Rays will do to us and our food supply? Gamma rays cause damage at a cellular level and are penetrating, causing diffuse damage throughout the body. As exposure increases plants become sick and stunted and will die. High levels of exposure will kill trees.

“2019 US summer forecast” – AccuWeather


Comments – It is not looking good for food production. Has anybody asked, how many farting cows does it take to disturb an entire planets weather system? Could it be the Sun?

“Onlookers capture breathtaking photos and video of monstrous tornado roaring through field in Romania” – AccuWeather


Comments – Yup, that is normal – a monstrous tornado in Romania. Vlad the Impaler and his lineage must be impressed. AOC – how many cows does it take to create a tornado like that?

“Climate change during the Little Ice Age from the Lake Hamana sediment record” – ScienceDirect


Comments – A little technical for business people, but it indicates the Asian Monsoons could collapse during a Solar Minimum period – i.e. the weather patterns for an entire region of the Earth would change and so would their food production. Did they have that many cows in the last mini ice age (1645 to 1715)?

“Gray whales starving to death in the Pacific, and scientists want to know why” – The Seattle Times


Comments – while the cause is not identified and therefor not a direct link to a specific Gray Swan, it is a red alarm that there is something wrong in one of the largest food stocks on Earth – the Pacific Ocean. When the top of the food chain is dieing from starvation it is an ominous indicator. It could be Fukushima or the Solar Minimum, but I have the feeling the cause will not be disclosed. One by one world food stocks are being taken off line, exhausted, or compromised.

“Swarm of locusts darkens skies of Saudia Arabia – Middle East” – Jerusalem Post


Comments – one more attack on our World Food Production.

Gray Swan #13 – Civil War

“New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham pulls National Guard troops from US-Mexico border” –  Fox News Video


Comments – It seems there are groups trying to provoke a Civil War.

“Christians irked as Pope donates exactly $6.66 per migrant so they can reach America’s southern border” – The Israel Wire


Comments – Would not the Funding of an illegal invasion be an act of War? No, couldn’t be, the Vatican has no history of war.

“Hillary Clinton suggests scenario in which Democrat asks China to hack IRS for Trump’s tax returns” – CNNPolitics


Comments – As indicated before – there are groups trying to instigate a Civil War. A former Secretary of State suggesting a Foreign Power to break US laws all for political gain. Some may call that treason but certainly it inflames the tensions between the right and the left. Why don’t we ask China (or some of the world’s top hackers) to hack the Vatican Bank files and expose all the government and Congressional members that have accounts? Thanks for the idea Hillary. Boy that will be a real “change the underwear” day! A true “Unveiling” (apocalypse in Greek). Funny how that karma stuff works.

“Florida’s Legislature Passes Bill Banning Speech in Schools that Is Critical of Israeli Government” – Florida Watch Dog


Comments – isn’t there a piece of paper (as Bush Jr called it) that gives us the unalienable right to criticize foreign corrupt regimes?  For those Florida legislators that can read, read the First Amendment. Then read the 2nd one also. Where you photographed with pizza and hot dogs?

“Israeli Envoy Calls for Criminalizing Anti-Semitism After NY Times Cartoon Upset” – The Jerusalem Post


Comments – Since when does a foreign government request setting US law, especially when it is against the Constitution. Oh, that is right, when it is Israel.

“Deputies Are No Longer Responding to Calls in Portland” – Law Enforcement Today


Comments – How far away is anarchy when the law stops being enforced? Oh, about laws being enforced – what happens when a Secretary of State creates multiple felonies? Answer – nothing!

So those are just a few of the articles from Week 18 indicating how dangerous a position we are in. Just one Gray Swan lands and we are most likely into a famine and civil war. But it does not have to be that way. There is a solution. Remove our vulnerability to a collapse of the “JIT” delivery system.

The only way to do that is a massive investment into locally owned and controlled Small Sustainable Farms thereby producing local regional Food Security. Don’t worry, our entire existence depends on it.

We don’t invest in the security of our own food supply because it makes a poor “Return on Investment” (ROI).  Some would say that is the “Love of Money”. Hey, didn’t somebody famous say something about the Love of Money?

You don’t suppose that some sick and demented bloodlines be the root of all this and could have manipulated the financial system to destroy the ROI on Small Sustainable Farms, do you? Oh, look at that, all of the alphabet agencies have all chipped in to destroy our ability to control our own destiny and grow our own food locally. FDA, EPA, IRS, BLM, FED, CIA, FBI, CFR – just to name a few.

And the Grand Poo Bah of the CFR – Henry Kissinger said – “Control oil and you control nations, control food and you control people”.  What a coincidence!

America, the home of the Darwin Awards! Coming to you shorty as one of Hollywood’s new reality shows! The American Hunger Games. To be broadcast every night live on MSM. Scheduled as soon as the “JIT” delivery system collapses. No casting needed as all the world is a stage, and we are all players. You are automatically included in the production.

From Wikipedia – The Darwin Awards are a tongue-in-cheek honor, originating in Usenet newsgroup discussions around 1985. They recognize individuals who have supposedly contributed to human evolution by selecting themselves out of the gene pool via death or sterilization by their own actions.

In closing – What is it about our species that ignores the blatantly obvious that will cause our own extinction?

J.C. Cole

DOC (9 Pages):  American Gray Swans – Week 18

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