Robert Steele: “I Told You So” on Both Russia and Cyber….

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Former Assistant Director of Intelligence for the FBI, Kevin  R. Brock, has written an obituary for James Comey that reads very very well.

James Comey is in trouble and he knows it

In my view, in this order, Brennan, Hayden, Clapper, and Comey could and should legitimately face the hangman’s noose sometime in Donald Trump’s second term — or be given the “McCain exit.”  Bill Binney and I were among the top dozen or so who knew immediately — and immediately said publicly — that the entire Russian collusion / DNC “hack” narrative was a lie — treason most foul.

I also called it on cyber, writing the first warning letter to the White House in 1994, only to be ignored, and am sad to see that today three big things are happening:

01 Mass surveillance by Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, and YouTube has surpassed mass surveillance by NSA, partly because they process all their collected data and NSA only processes 1% of what they collect;

02 Massive amounts of historical data on fraud across all fronts is disappearing, being “erased” within both the US Government and across many vendors to whom vital “inherent responsibilities of government” were outsourced, as as the investigation of treason, white collar crime, and pedophilia including murderous pedophilia.  This is deliberate.

03 Baltimore has fallen prey to a ransomware attack.   Totally predictable.  It was NSA that gutted US communications and computer security from 1994 onwards, and both the White House and the Pentagon went along.  We are a “paper tiger” in the face of Chinese, Iranian, and Russian cyber-weaponry precisely because I was ignored in 1994 (and marginalized, since the absolute last thing anyone in the secret world wanted was an Open Source Agency whose mission was to tell the truth about everything for under $3B/year.

It is morning again in America.  Time to hang a few people, bury them deep, and start over, this time with an honest Congress (good-bye Zionists, 9/11 disclosure soon) that makes evidence-based decisions in the public interest. If the President will sponsor the Open Source Agency now, we can justify a 50% cut in the size and cost of the federal government during his second  term, while retraining and relocating every person cut to a new job outside of the Washington DC cesspool — for many, land grants within the Western lands to be returned to the states — they should never have been federalized — will be a most happy incentive.

Change is coming. I’ve waited a long time for this turn of events.

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