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ANSWERS: Robert Steele for Dimensions of Disclosure Conference – 68 Questions from #Borg to Zionism versus Judaism

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Binney for DD 2019

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BIll Binney, my NSA counterpart (I am to CIA as he is to NSA) and I have agreed to speak to the Dimensions of Disclosure event in Ventura, CA 23-25 August 2019. While most of the speakers focus on extra-terrestial and spiritual disclosure, Bill and I and Sacha Stone are there to bring them all down to Earth by discussing what's truly going on behind  the scenes of the Deep State and the Shadow Government.

20190627: Event is selling out, if you plan to attend buy your access pass now.

Have started developing presentation. I will listen to Trump on the 4th and then integrate everything he avoids into my own “America's Future” pitch.

2024 or 2020? My Full Disclosure Platform for the Presidency

Deep Dive Into Secret Intelligence Corruption — My Personal Story


BINNEY & STEELE (Workshop)
SPY IMPROV: Ask Us Anything

Disclosure Priorities List to Be Woven In (Now in Alpha Order):*

Crowd-sourced additions in italics. Emerging priorities in bold.  I will probably present a holistic analytic model and focus on the degree to which lies have allowed the 1%, using the Zionists, Vatican, and Queen/City of London, to dumb down and enslave the 99%.  Am thinking of Ten Evils, Ten Fixes, Ten Policy Demands.  I will brief my holistic analytic / true cost model.  I might present an integrated first announcement for a coalition team to seek the presidency in 2024 after supporting our President for re-election in 2020. He may not finish the job because he is severely handicapped by the GOP. We need to move to people not parties, authentic, inclusive, truthful. In other words, what should a presidential campaign look like that is actually committed to full disclosure, the truth at any cost lowering all other costs, providing full employment and perfect health for 100% of the public in the USA with no illegal aliens, no white collar criminals, no pedophiles, no traitors?

  • #BORG — the ultimate enemy is not Zion or Russia or China but the BORG
  • #GoogleGestapo – the New Fascist Mafia Spy Network
  • $21-43 trillion dollar theft by Deep State from US Treasury/US economy
  • 911-what happened, who did it, why has Trump not disclosed the truth?
  • Abortion as a window into the soul of society: what are the true costs?
  • Alternative everything especially health — holistic health, self, all, Earth
  • Amendment to the Constitution Violations – 1st, 2nd, 4th
  • Background checks for all politicians, no exceptions
  • Biomorphing, Cloning, Inter-Species Hybrid Experimentation
  • Budget Lies – Standard 56 Ends Public Access to Reliable Data
  • Catastrophic Infrastructure Failures (Dams, Electrical, Nuclear)
  • Censorship Against Alternative Open Source Everything
  • Cheating Culture — Lies as a Standard (History, Politics, Science)
  • CIA illegal penetration of all local, state, and national agencies
  • Climate hoaxes — cooling, warming, denial of Sun's importance
  • Dams as a scam and a danger
  • Decision-Support Corruption — separate analysis from collection?
  • Deep State Defined – Deep State Methods of Control
  • Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB), WTF?
  • Democracy Lost — How States & Public Were Gutted
  • DHS/FEMA/TSA – the New Gestapo Ready to Kill Patriots?
  • Drone Assassination — Because We Can…
  • Election Manipulation: 2 Countries, 12 Methods
  • Electromagnetic / 5G Ecocide & Genocide
  • xtra-sensory perception/Deep State efforts to dumb down
  • Extra-Terrestial & Secret Patent Technology (Free Energy)
  • False Flag Operations — How, Why, Who Benefits?
  • False, Reductionist Medicine & Science — Institutionalized Lies
  • Fox News — Are they controlled opposition?
  • Genetically Modified Organisms Killing Humanity
  • Geo-Engineering (ChemTrails, Morgellons, Artificial Moon, Saturn )
  • Glyphosate as Ligend — true cost, kills plants, debilitates humans
  • Healing with computers and energy waves
  • Health Secrets — Hidden Good Technologies, Hidden Hazards
  • Humanity as a Cosmic Experiment in Free Will and Soulcraft
  • Immigration Contrived & Enabled as a Threat
  • Intelligence without Integrity — 4% Useful, 96% Criminal
  • Military Bases as Lily Pads for Smuggling Everything, Children
  • Mind-Control/TI Voice of God, Subliminal Media, Psycho-Police
  • Money, Monetary Policy, Value vs. Inflation & State Theft
  • Moral Decline — Liberalism “Anything Goes” As a Threat
  • NSA use of parallel construction to violate legal protections
  • National Rifle Association (NRA) – Are they controlled opposition?
  • Natural Law and Inalienable Rights (Including Fetal Lives)
  • Nuclear power plans subject to flooding — Armageddon soon?
  • Pedophilia & Empire, Pedophilia Overview, Pedophilia Entrapment
  • Propaganda Operations Legalized by Smith-Mundt Revision
  • Religions as Forms of Control, Abuse, & Mis-Direction
  • Rendition & Torture Operations
  • RICO  against social media violators (FAANG, #GoogleGestapo)
  • Traitors Among Us – Use DNA Tests to Verify Claimed Origins?
  • True Cost Economics & Western Predatory Capitalism
  • TRUMP: is he a Zionist puppet?
  • Truth at any cost lowers all others costs — Robert's motto
  • United STATES of America — terminate “the corporation”
  • Unreasonable Search & Seizure from NSA to TSA
  • USA in State of Emergency legalizing domestic war crimes?
  • Vaccine Hazards — Politicians Practicing Medicine w/o License
  • Waste — 50% of the Western Economy – Venn Diagram
  • Water as the New Gold, Already Stolen
  • Weapons of Mass Instruction — Why Schools Are Killing Humanity
  • Zionism versus Judaism — Zionist Strikes, #UNRIG, Peace in ME

Dropping from my list deferring to others

  • Archeological discovery of giant remains?
  • Arrests based on sealed indictments — no re-election without arrests
  • Attorney General William Barr — is he controlled opposition? Bushie?
  • Directed Energy — Is Judy Wood on Target?
  • Earth Hollow, Earth Concealing Water Deep Underground?
  • Mandela Effect, Alternative Memories, Past/Parallel Lives?
  • Satanists & Satanic Ritual Abuse, Torture & Adrenochrome

* This list will be deconflicted with the event organizer,, as other speakers will cover some topics in depth, for example, Sacha Stone on 5G, Laura Eisenhower on Satanic Ritual Abuse.  We will NOT address stuff we don't know about but respect the topics as worthy of note.

I am interested in your opinion as to what should be added to this list, and what the priority should be in terms of demanding Presidential attention — for example, our President has promised to disclose the who, how, what, and why of 9/11 and has failed to do so. Our President is not being properly supported by the US intelligence community and needs to reduce what we have by up to 70%, consolidate it all in a revitalized CIA, and create the Open Source Agency that will be the ultimate disclosure engine (telling the truth about everything).

I will end on a positive note — We the People are winning, praise be to our President who is a change agent, as well as the 2012 shift and other forces now in alignment against the Deep State and the Satanists ruling the Deep State.

I can be reached at One email per person, please, I am flooded, but in this instance, this is such a great opportunity to do some good with a speech and an article, that I seek professional help: the kind of collective intelligence only you can provide.

Check the event out.  Click on the graphic to visit their website.


Am going to keep copies of the substance of what I have been given by others. preserving their anonymity.


My suggested disclosures are those I believe will be most valuable in rooting out the Deep State and really enabling democracy. They are two:

1) Pointing out the disfunction by design of combining in a single agency intelligence gathering/reporting and covert operations. This enables the agency to make policy, for example by using its operational capabilities to create a false flag and then its intelligence function to shape a desired policy response. Examples should be provided to illustrate the disfunction as well as how divorcing these two functions would empower the President to make better decisions.

2) Pointing out that the CIA has covertly penetrated many branches of government at both state and national levels as well as Congress and the private sector (e.g., the media) with a system of memorandums of understanding. Effectively, this has installed moles in many organizations who covertly work under a system of dual employment. It is fine for Barr to go after Clapper and Brennan, but without taking out these lower level operatives, the Deep State will remain. As practiced within the US this constitutes a powerful, but illegal, practice.


I would be interested in Geoengineering, voice of god weapon and morgellons from your perspective.


Below link documents the most unreasonable search and seizure scenario one could imagine, totally against the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution. Any President permitting this should be impeached and not re-elected.

Police To Use TSA-Style Scanners To Spy On People In Public Places


– There are 9 billion people on Earth right now, causing all of our problems. Not even the NSA knows that. The only peaceful solution to prevent ongoing destruction of our land, air, and water is to enforce a world wide stoppage and then regulation of births, including a limit to 3 children per family, and other pre-family qualifications.

– All world religions are wrong and counterproductive. The 7th prophet is alive on Earth today, and has made his teachings available. Imagine if Jesus walked the Earth today, would anyone know it? Would they try to kill him again? (23 attempts) See “Talmud Jmmanuel” scrolls by Judas Ischkerioth, penned before the gospel of Matthew. Complete (and ONLY) true biography.

-Glyphosate definitely causes cancer

– Russia is not the enemy. It is the US, EU, UK who want war. This is why Russia did not want Killary to win. We would be in a nuclear war now if she won.

– Apophis will strike Earth on 4.13.29 or 4.13.36 unless we deflect it with a nuke. Our Pi value it wrong. It is 3.144605511… Measured and proven. Few know.

– “We Came From The Stars And Then From Mars”. Human E.T.s came here many times over the past 300,000 years and mated with primitive Earth people.
1 in 31,282 people on Earth today have a spirit form of extraterrestrial human origin.

– All of this information along with hundreds of impeccable scientific corroborations came from the Plejaren human E.Ts., who still visit BEAM face to face.


This is still not generally known!  Use Peter Dale Scott's brilliant documentation to explain this.  One half hour after the planes hit the twin towers, three demands issued from the Situation Room and COG was one of them.  Since September 14, 2001 when the State of Emergency was first declared, we have been living under Indexes of COG (Trump?). Included in these some 500 rules as discovered by Jerome Corsi in the 80's are: martial law, warrantless wire taping, and warrantless detention.  So under COG these are legal (oh so clever). Scott and former Congressman Dan Hamburg wrote every Congressperson to abide by the statutes of the 1979 Act governing State of Emergencies, and call a joint session to determine whether or not the State of Emergency was necessary to be renewed.  No one replied!  And so every September Bush and Obama renewed the State of Emergency.  Cheney and Rumsfeld were recruited by the CFR to create COG starting in the mid 80's.  So this has been a long time in the works–a very deliberate plan to supplant our Constitution and turn us into a dictatorship!  Check my details with Scott's information, but this shows how the 3 million members of the
U.S. branch of the Khazarians works–insidious, intelligent, patient and hateful (See former member of the Order/Family Svali, Svali Speaks (PDF) Looks like her website has been taken down, but this is her book).


Dams were not built to last this long and to survive what appear to be the effects of geoengineering, where the number of tornadoes and other climatic stress events are going off the charts.  Orville Dam is close to overtopping and if it does it would create a 20-30 foot wall of water that will reach Sacramento within 1-3 hours depending on who you believe.  One million people out of clean water and power, and a lot of farmland, followed by disease and looting.

Another dam — this time a pair — is Glen Canyon Dam that holds back Lack Powell, and the Hoover Dam that has two emergency spillways that are not working.  Although Lake Powell is only one third full, if it fills too quickly this could kick up sediment that would create tectonic shifts that would crack the dam's foundation, if Glen Canyon Dam goes so goes the Hoover Dam.

Add to that all the nuclear plants that were built without regard to flooding, and think Fukushima times 10 to 100 over the next few years.

There is just one word for what passes for infrastructure planning today: unprofessional.

Below graphic shows nuclear-relevant dam failures.

Click on Image to Enlarge


1-The deep state and the shadow government are not the same thing. This is by design to keep info compartmentalized and keep many knowing only what others want them to know.  As far as I can tell this is many many layers deep.

2-Our country was originally set up as a group of independent states united by common cause. There was no federal government until there became a need to work together as sovereign states for 19 enumerated services that were needed like a military, etc. Everything was working relative ok for quite some time.  The first time the United States of America Unincorporated became incorporated is when by the signing of incorporation papers we lost all sovereignty. An the general public knows little of it. The US has gone thru several incorporations and each time was followed by a bankruptcy and each time what was and is the national debt is actually the bankruptcy with a virtually unknown creditor.  A creditor potentially has the power to own everything that the entity in bankruptcy owns. I would like our present President to enumerate all the different names of the US has had as a different corporation, and its associated bankruptcy and who the creditors were and currently are.  This alone will tell an amazing story the public should know. These dates are important: 1860’s, 1907, 1930’s, 1970’s, 1999, 2008. Because the US adopted the double accrual method designed by Al Capone our national debt truly does not exist because for each debit there is a credit, which is owed to each person in American.

3-Our President has a two term limit and all politicians at the Federal, State, County and Local levels should also have a two term limit. Can we do this Mr President?

4-As military we went and go thru extensive background checks.  All polititians should have to go thru the same background checks to be able to serve in local, county, state and federal positions. Can we do this Mr President?

5-Along with number 4 above a DNA test should be required for everyone working in the state and federal levels of government to make sure no invaders have infiltrated our ranks. Can we do this Mr President?

5b-Did you know that the British Monarchs come from a German bloodline? This should be fully researched. Can we do this Mr President?

6-Our education system seems to paralleling much that we saw in the Nazi Germany of WW2.  Alex Newman is very passionate about his lectures on our education system.  We need more home schooling and easier ways to accomplish that without federal and state overreach.  Can we do this Mr President?

7-I would like to see more investigation into the phenomenon called voice to skull mind control and other mind control and remote control forcing that is going on in our country and globally.

8-As for the GMO agenda, in spite of hearing and reading so much about how bad it is for us and I believe it is worse that we collectively think, there is more and more being put on the market shelves everyday like apples and salmon.  And so much is tainted with glyphosate as residues used to dry out the crops just before harvest.

9-“We the People” would like you to kick out the Federal Researve, the U.N., Nato, Central banks and banksters of our country.  In Icland they rounded up all the bankers and put them in jail, and kicked them out of their country.

10-There are so many sealed indictments that it is not funny.  Please start unsealing them and sending the many perpetrators to jail.  When “We the People” go to jail often times it is for petty stuff but high crimes always seem to get a free pass. Will this end Mr President?

11-The NRA is saying lately that it is going out of business.  This can’t be something they would do peacefully, so if they are being forced, How and can it be stopped?

12-Of the classified mountains of stuff, what will be declassified?

13-Patrick Woods wrote a book “Technocracy Rising”.  Mr President how are we being controlled by technology?  First amendment rights, non government officials have too much technology power like Google, etc. Mr President, what else is going on the public does not know.  We need a truth channel and daily or at least fireside chats with you.

14-I am old enough to remember the hoax of global cooling in the 70’s, then global warming and now climate change.  Mr Paul Warburg said “Never let a good disaster go with taking advantage of it”.  He was one of the founders of the Federal Reserve at Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia.


Icke nails it on heart chakras and frequency. YES! That's what it's all about when they talk about the spirit module, quantum, that which is seen unseen, etc. We are only able to measure the matter that our scientific machines can measure. We only see the visible spectrum that our eyes can see. We eliminate the intuition or faith based on reason. Yet we can see these higher frequencies with night vision and infrared. Also a tech called “PIP” I believe that I've heard of. And natural animals have more tuned senses.

At the heart of the climate disinfo, is the stronger energy of the sun's radiation. This was expected and known as coming into importance at 2012 (I've read/come to understand). This is raising our perception of higher frequencies. If you haven't cleared your inner traumas or toxins, then those frequencies will kick your ass – as you noted with the pilots and stewardesses who fly regularly close to the upper atmosphere. The inner DIS-ease is not going to vibrate well given the higher frequencies. Thus, you see famous politicians, people exposed to it and people who haven't done inner work, breaking down before our eyes. IMO.

Here are my favorite graphs on frequency and vibration. Good vibes are pretty high. Bad emotions are low. No surprise. This is the basis to 5G weaponization.


It's hard to find anyone anywhere that is actually supporting President Trump in his attempts to drain the swamp. The NRA for example, does not appear serious about protecting the Second Amendment (and you called them out when you spoke to Rolling Thunder on the Mall, now Dick Cheney's boy Oliver North is gone and rumor has it they are closing down).  Fox News keeps pulling its punches, including Judge Andrew Napolitano, even Hannity and Carlson seem to avoid taking on the obvious.  And Barr was the guy that go all the Iran Contra criminals off, including Eliott Abrams.  Does the Deep State control ALL institutions?


I was imprisoned by evangelical and fundamentalist Christianity for most of my life and it has been a long and difficult process to become free from its negative influence on my life, but at the age of 62 I am coming to feel that I can see more clearly the flaws of the belief system that I was so trapped in.

Many Americans are trapped by forms of dogmatic evangelical fundamentalist belief systems. I suspect a large portion of these have almost no awareness of the conspiratorial kinds of things going on in the world.

But within the truth movement there are many who are still trapped by this dogmatic system of religion which skews and distorts the message that they spread.

All of this has many negative consequences and I want to see this issue addressed to help good people make logical and rational decisions about prioritizing the most important issues for humanity to pursue.

For the most part evangelical and fundamentalist Christianity is a fear based belief system. If one does not accept Jesus Christ as their sin bearing savior before they die, they will go to hell, a place of unending conscious torment. When one makes the decision to accept this belief system, they have essentially entered into a form of trauma based mind control.

Those spreading dogmatic fear based religion are most often themselves trapped by it. They are spreading the “God Virus” that they themselves are infected with. [Dr. Darrel Ray’s book “The God Virus” is excellent at explaining “God Virus Theory.”]

A major flaw in dogmatic religion is that people claim to be 100% sure that they are right about issues and questions that nobody can possibly know for sure. To claim that something is true while claiming greater certainty about it than can be justified is a form of deception or lying.

The powers that be love to polarize people between extremes to distract them from more important issues that would truly benefit greater numbers of ordinary people.

People love to argue about whether or not God exists, but wouldn’t it be better to start out with a definition of God before the debate? I no longer believe in the over defined illogical God of evangelical and fundamentalist Christianity. Dr. David Ray Griffin’s book “God Exists But Gawd Does Not” is excellent at exploring these issues, although I would like to see these issues brought down more to earth for the ordinary person, such as in the form of “street epistemology” as developed by Anthony Magnabosco.

The God of process theology (the theology of which Dr. David Ray Griffin is a world class scholar) is a God of persuasion, not a God of coercion.

Love never fails & much metta (loving kindness)


Must abandon reductionist “science” that is mostly lies and ignorance, and shift to holistic, inclusive integral consciousness.


Catherine Austin Fitts: The missing 21 trillion, how we are all impacted and… what really happened during the Kavanaugh circus intended to created the biggest distraction from what truly happened at that exact same time: the enactment of a bi-partisan regulation, FASB 56, voted in complete secrecy to render completely occult all government accounting. Do not get fooled by the official narrative. Here is the result of that bi-partisan effort, once again created for “national security” bogus reasons. The capture of our tax dollars and public finances is now complete and we can no longer know where weapons manufacturers and mercenaries not only GET their money from but spend it, how and where, we can no longer know which private corporations and multinationals have become tax exempt or what portion of the American people's money is being used to surveil them and by whom.

FASAB Statement 56: Understanding New Government Financial Accounting Loopholes

“As of the last few months, this tension has taken the future of government financial disclosure to the public to new levels of opacity. The Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) has released Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards 56 (Standard 56), taking government accounting practices from laxly enforced reporting standards to a new benchmark entirely–expressly approved obfuscation of reporting and, in some cases, outright concealing financials.

“This sounds fairly alarmist at first blush but, simply put, Standard 56 creates a set of situations where government entities may move numbers around to conceal where money is actually spent or even not report spending outright. Many of the concepts in Standard 56 are not new and have been discussed in FASAB reports for nearly a decade. However, these new changes make a substantial portion of government financial reporting so unreliable as to not be a useful tool to the public (see FASAB Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards 56, available at”


In the top 5 priorities if not #1 – true Food Security. Roughly stated that is when each region and population center has within a 30 mile radius a minimum food production to sustain its population produced by locally owned Sustainable Farms.

Sustainable Farms are designed to be resistant to Earth changes, Weather changes, Financial collapse, Grid collapse, and are in harmony with nature. Also contain a massive increase in hydroponics – the future of growing systems.

The only way I know to massively get investment into Sustainable Farms is by tax law change. This would be almost an instant solution, and then allows the market to slowly come to equilibrium. Basically allowing a smooth transition of FDA, EPA, IRS, ect. changing into farm friendly structures.

Until we learn to stare at the Sun to get our energy, we need food. With food we can solve virtually any problem, without it – none. Besides I love a good cheese burger.

Just a blurb on Glyphosate – its chemical structure is a Ligend.

The more I am on this spinning planet it seems the more I had learned for a specific reason . At Lehigh I ended up getting stuck in an upper level Bio course way above my knowledge level. I got through, but the only thing I remember was a Ligand. Now it seems I know why, it is killing our food supply.

A Ligand captivates ions and locks them up. Glyphosate locks up all the nutrients that the plant needs and literally starves it to death. MIT Prof Stephanie Seneff is the authority on this.

So what I learned at LU was that Mayonnaise is a Ligend, and it is the old Country wives medical treatment for Moonshine poisoning. Moonshine poisoning is lead poisoning from an improperly made still. They used lead to solder the still’s joints together. 2 whopping tablespoons of mayonnaise ingested starts to collect the lead ions in the blood stream and bind them for the body to remove.

Chemistry Princples and Reactions: Mayonaise lead poisoning


1. Zionism let the TRUTH out
2. Worldwide Financial JUBILEE -banksters/FED/Rothschild/Zionism/religion
3. WAR-from a former Marine Vietnam VET wtf over-stop it
4. The USA must take responsibility for all the Agent Orange children and the carpet bombing of civilians.
5. ELIMINATION of the corporation
6. Worldwide nation PEACE conferences
7. WTF is going on at the South Pole? Large cargo ships at McMurdo, head hunter looking for grunt workers????
8. Boot SERCO from Patent Office-release all patents to help humanity
9. Reconciliation is off the table-the elites are & have damaged humanity daily-as a person eliminates so must the planet.
10. 5G must be stopped-it is a weapon against humanity-if it must be tested-use the elites.


The 64 Trillion Dollar Question:  What are the synergistic effects of glyphosates, GMOs, vaccines, fluoride, chemtrails (etc.) combined with wifi radiation ?

Answer: human extinction — contaminants of body facilitating EMF impact.


Censorship of all natural health, alternative health, and anti-vaxxers, politicians practicing law without a medical license.

Mike Adams: Facebook bans Natural News; Health Ranger responds with message for humanity

Jon Rappoport: Vaccines are not traffic lights: new explosive CA lawsuit


Here is my summary review of Above Majestic, a fine contribution, and my closing graphic.  Really looking forward to being part of this Disclosure event.

Above Majestic: Produced by Corey Goode & Jordan Sather Directed by Roger Richards Summary Review by Robert Steele


In 1934, Dr. Milbank Johnson and Dr. Royal Raymond Rife conducted a clinic in Ellen Scripps' home at the Scripps Institute. The clinic is shrouded in mystery, but there is a good chance they actually cured 16 terminal cancer patients in 3 to 6 months. Needless to say, mainstream medicine came after them and Rife's struggles are well known.

The best of similar devices is Neil Keenan's Bio-Resonance “Healing Computer.”  It is difficult to get information on it, and I think this is on purpose. The hardware is German, the software is Russian, and it is rumored that the “frequencies” are of extraterrestrial origin. This is an older link, but probably the best place to get started:


5G alone was going to be 3-5 , including how the Russians used it for both mikitaru snd civilian use, sometimes causing cancer, delineating their military use in the clinic at 42.5 GHZ.

In the US everything was kept military other than imaging, and the NIH missed using the 36.5 10 watt non-ionizing cancer that reversed skin melanoma, in mice, and upon autopsy it was confirmed that the protocol also reversed the untreated lung tumors, in an experiment never published at the biophysics lab at Temple University. The only use they appied it to was the clandestine use to reverse skin cancer of the wealthy benefactor and trustee funding the lab.

The MD PhD who treated his benefactor to secret, illegal cancer reversal without ionizing radiation or cancer published nine papers confirming the Russian results, but never risked the funding of his NIH chemotherapy grants, yet won this esteemed award:

Attribution: NIH

While in parallel to this suppression of American made technology, never patented, Wright State University successfully used terahertz signals to cause viruses to release their DNA and showed many uses for heart disease and genomics, published, but none of this ever made it to the clinic. It can reverse HIV and other biobugs.

Special Ops has made and issued an 670 nanometer wound healing equipment for over 15 years, and has conducted experiments that help treat TBI, PTSD, ADHD, and dementia, when treating pain without drugs, and increasing the standard of care from 20% effectiveness to 70% over s four year double blind, placebo controlled study of cocaine and heroin gang members, further studied for dementia by the VA, but in order to get $100,000 per patient with Alzheimer’s, Medtronic rejected the safe and affordable non-invasive technology costing $10,000 per patient year and opted for the Deep Brain Magnetic Stimulation (DBMS) for stopping Parkinson’s tremors adopted for Alzheimer’s so that they could sell a slightly modified pacemaker for $30,000 instead of $5,000 by calling it a neurostimulator requiring brain surgery to implant an electrode 2” into the cortex, after drilling a 3/8” hole into the scalp and skull, sealed with an FDA approved polymer plug, after the hole was used to thread the lead from the sub- cutaneous neurostimulator to connect to the 2” electrode placed into the cortex, successful only 80% of the time while sometimes causing incontinence or impotence, not at risk with the  non-invasive therapies.

While neither alternative impacted neurodegeneration killing 20,000 American deaths each month, nothing will get to the clinic other than what industry wishes to acquire.

See these studies:

It is because of government imposed regulation that Americans spend 2.5 times more per year than Europe or Canada, and live two years less, on average.


When you start to view Trump as a Khazarian puppet, a lot of stuff starts to make sense.

For example, it never made sense to me why Soros attacked Facebook so strongly, if Facebook is supposedly Zionist-aligned.  But, Facebook was clearly critical to the election of Trump and Trump's digital efforts were apparently managed by Kushner.  On top of that, of course, you had all these accusations of “Russian interference”, when in fact maybe most of the interference was Israeli.  Obviously people like Clinton are not going to run around saying it was Israeli interference because they are just as beholden to their Zionist handlers.  And slandering Putin serves an important Zionist objective anyway, as they were almost able to engineer a war with Russia, which is their ultimate goal even beyond Iran.

Put another way, the Globalists and the Zionists are simply not the same thing, even if the Globalists are more or less beholden to the Zionists.  And anyway, Soros' Foundation has probably been taken over by his son Alex.  As we know, the son is not necessarily the same as the father.  Also remember that Soros' family was targeted by a bomb attack last year when the Soros attack on Facebook was ongoing.

>Peter Theil is a strong Trump supporter, that's another thing which never made sense to me if Theil is supposedly a “bad guy”.  But he's also a key early investor in Facebook, SpaceX, etc.  You will remember that SpaceX had a launch failure when trying to launch an Israeli satellite containing Facebook's global Internet connectivity.  It all links together because this is probably how Facebook will spread its new currency to the world to try to vacuum up all wealth.  And I don't believe it's a coincidence that Peter Theil is organizing a new Bretton Woods a few weeks after Facebook's currency was announced.

This clip is from a very interesting TV show called Mr. Robot, modified a bit to add some humorous Facebook images.  I believe it is essentially channeling Larry Summers and the lobbying he will do to convince congress that Facebook's currency must be allowed.

All this said, it doesn't necessary mean that Trump has a bad heart and I do still believe that he's generally a pacifist, even if, at the same time, he's an egomaniac.  His egomania is probably his greatest weakness as he has been manipulated into thinking he can fix the world through various fairly aggressive actions, which happen to mostly be in the interest of Zionism and Empire, whether he is aware of that fact or not.  He is too impressed with his own dealmaking skills.

Perhaps the question is, can he pull a Darth Vader?  Meaning, can he push the Emperor off the edge and reveal his humanity?  If he comes through with this long-awaited money, then I think he can.  Because we can use it to do many things, including both #UNRIG and REDACTED, the challenger to Facebook GlobalCoin.  In the end, planetary liberation is only going to happen one way, and that is monetary.


Basically I think we are being spied on and having our defenses probed by the enemy this week. As we know, right now is a very important time period due to astrological events and the enemy is kind of empowered.

How can we defend ourselves? Here is the thing, every person has their own weakness. For example, Trump's weakness is probably ego and I think this was used to enslave him.

So the most important thing is to understand our own weaknesses. If we do that, then we close the door to the enemy. The enemy can only enter if we open the door for it. This is part of the universal laws of karma. We could call that the law of defense.

But another part is the law of attack. Basically, brute force attacks do not work at all, because the energy comes right directly back. The only real way to attack is to use the enemy's attacks against it.

How is this relevant? Well, we can rant all day long against Netanyahu, and say that Trump needs to take him out, but it's not going to have any effect. The only effect will be that all of that energy comes right back… for example in being labeled an anti-semitic or a conspiracy theorist or whatever. This is not to be confused with true, rational dissemination of information, which is fine because the public needs to be informed about things.

Another example is breaking laws to achieve our goals. It's simply not going to work. The enemy will be so happy to see us break laws, and will follow up very quickly with action.

So how can we fight the enemy? Well, first we have to define who the enemy is. Is it the Globalists? The Zionists? The Khazarian Mafia? The Italian Mafia? The Vatican? The Rothschilds? The Crown? The CIA? The Military Industrial Complex? The Russians? The Chinese? Trump? Netanyahu? The Anti-Christ? The Greys? The Reptilians?

Wow… so many enemies to choose from!! Who shall we attack first!? No wonder the world is so confused…

There is a famous military strategy called “divide and conquer”. Well, it certainly looks like someone did a lot of dividing. In fact the entire middle east was famously partitioned in such a way so as to result in conflict. Judging from recent wars, it looks like they did a pretty good job with it!!

I say “they”, but who is they? Conspiracy theorist people love to use the word “they”. But who is “they”?

I think there are some good clues in the following films…

Star Trek: First Contact
Star Wars
The Matrix
Edge of Tomorrow
Aliens: Prometheus
Aliens: Prometheus
Cosmic Disclosure

In short, I believe the enemy is the Borg. There is no other enemy. The Borg enslaves all races, all kinds.

Only by banding together people of all stripes can we defeat it.

I can say more about the details but perhaps that is enough for the time being.

Just know that Netanyahu is not the enemy because Netanyahu himself is enslaved, just like Trump.

In fact, all creatures of nature are fundamentally good. It is only technology that can really enslave. Or in fact, only karmic action. The enslavement is in accordance with the laws of karma because of ancient nuclear wars that took place in our solar system. Someone opened the door for the Borg to arrive and enslave our race and solar system, and we have been fighting them ever since.

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