Jack Mullen: The Next American Revolution – Freedom from Zionist Genocidal Apartheid Criminal Israel

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The Next American Revolution | Jack Mullen

America has all but nearly succumbed to a soft coup and now serves the interests of Israel and the internal infiltration and subversion of its weaponize political system called Zionism.

Ask why it is called anti-Semitic to discuss the agenda of Zionism or Israel’s influence on US internal constitutional law and foreign policy – including endless war on enemies of Israel?

Is it American to not be able to criticize, except at pain of violation of the “law?”

Is it American to not be able to boycott, if the boycott is of Israel and its products?

Is it American to be barred from pointing out the entire mainstream media is occupied and controlled by people with the same interests and political-religious agenda as Israel ?

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  I agree.  Zionist genocidal apartheid criminal Israel — not to be confused with the Jewish faith — is the enemy within our gates. We must expel this parasite from our economy, our government, and our borders.

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