Berto Jongman: War on the Rocks – Anticipatory Intelligence – Perfumed Bullshit?

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Berto Jongman

Coming to Terms with Anticipatory Intelligence

Fundamentally, anticipatory intelligence is about the anticipation of emergence. As clear and compelling as the case for anticipatory intelligence is, it remains poorly understood. A primary reason for this goes back to the aforementioned tendency to take hasty action before understanding.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I’ve given up on the US secret intelligence community and I have real doubts as to whether President Donald Trump is going to make the commitment to rescuing US intelligence from the cesspool of its own making. As Amy Zegart observed in Flawed by Design, the IC is a “fix big or don’t fix at all” proposition.

The US IC is incapable of doing holistic analysis, true cost economics, or comparative anything (e.g. trade). They don’t even have anyone on the National Intelligence Council who understands what citation analytics is, or how to harness the knowledge of the top 10-100 people (across all languages) for every threat, policy, and cost.  Retarded by design.

NSA’s mass surveillance — and the blackmail of Members of Congress by CIA, FBI, and NSA, along with the free pass for Mossad blackmail and murder across the USA — are all unconstitutional and criminal.

If I do run for President in 2024, fixing the IC and putting the USA back into a Constitutional evidence-based public interest mind-set will be my primary motivation, apart from a desire to correct the criminally insane exclusion of 70% of the voters from the political process.

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