Kaliya “Identity Woman” Young Update: Case for Decentralizing Social Identity

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Kaliya Hamlin Young

For two months between January and March I was in India researching their National ID system. I was part of the New America India-US Public Interest Technology Fellowship.The research is now live on their website and you can read it.

Key Differences Between the U.S. Social Security System and India’s Aadhaar System

More good news the Domains of Identity is being picked up by Anthem Press and will become a real book by the end of the year. PLEASE help me and VOTE for my session about the book at SXSW in the PANEL PICKER.

You can find The Comprehensive Guide to Self-Sovereign Identity on Amazon.

A series of Posts I collaborated on with Glen Weyl has also gone live on the Wireline & Radical Exchange Blogs.

Motivating the Case for Decentralized Social Identity: Part One

Motivating the Case for Decentralized Social Identity: Part Two

Motivating the Case for Decentralized Social Identity: Part Three

Two research projects that were for DHS S&T along with Heather Vescent are also available.

ENTITIES, IDENTITIES, REGISTRIES: Exploring the Gaps in Corporate and IoT Identity

Voter Data Security

July was a big month for me I traveled to Identity North (Toronto), RightsCon (Tunis), ID4Africa (Johannesburg) and Identiverse (Washington DC). I have yet to write all this up – I’ll be sure to notify you when I do. I’m also curious what your questions are about these events.

Coming up in the Fall:

I will be attending ID2020’s Summit on September 20th in NYC.

I will be speaking at m on Sept 23 in London at SIBOS the conference SWIFT (The co-op in the middle of the world banking system) puts on.

I will be presenting at MyData that same week about about the Ecosystem Mapping efforts I am coordinating.

Then there is the 29th Internet Identity Workshop October 1-3. Please book your tickets now and join us!

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