Ray McGovern: Judge Hands FBI & NSA Their Ass — Documents to be Declassified [PBI: This Will Also Explode the Maliciously Manufactured Cases Against LtGen Mike Flynn and Roger Stone]

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Ray McGovern

Rich’s Ghost Haunts the Courts

UPDATED: It is verboten to utter his name, but a lawsuit and possible declassification of NSA documents could get to the bottom of the Seth Rich controversy.

Butowsky’s libel lawsuit can now proceed to discovery, which will include demands for documents and depositions that are likely to shed light on whatever role Rich may have played in leaking to WikiLeaks. If the government obstructs or tries to slow-roll the case, we shall have to wait and see, for example, if the court will acquiesce to the familiar government objection that information regarding Rich’s murder must be withheld as a state secret? Hmmm. What would that tell us?

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ROBERT STEELE: Bill Binney is the foremost authority on this matter, and is rendering assistance to multiple federal defendants who are suffering from the government's “license to lie” as my hero Sidney Powell put it so well. The government *must* declassify information if it provides exculpatory evidence that favors the defense and the government may *not* classify information in order to conceal malfeasance by the CIA or FBI or DoJ as has been the case so very often.  The rule of law is back in  town.

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