Robert Steele: Byrne – Butina FBI & DoJ Misconduct? Clinton Donations from Russia, Brady Violations?

Corruption, Government, Law Enforcement

Russia Probe Twist: A Billion Dollar CEO, A Convicted Russian Agent And The FBI

Overstock CEO Turned Over Docs To DOJ ‘on FBI’s Russian and Hillary Clinton Probes’

This is going to become the greatest political scandal in US history. If we survive it, and if Rule of Law returns to America, it will be due to one man: Bill Barr, Byrne Said.

Watch this story carefully.  In the aftermath of CIA, FBI, NSA, and DoJ misconduct (legally and financially liable misconduct) in the case of President Donald Trump, and the related CIA, FBI, NSA, and DoJ misconduct in relation to my colleagues Mike Flynn and Roger Stone, this is a blockbuster.  Net net: the Obama-era officials — and Obama himself — could be found guilty on a scale not seen since 9/11, the USS Liberty, and the JFK Assassination.


Ray McGovern: Judge Hands FBI & NSA Their Ass — Documents to be Declassified [PBI: This Will Also Explode the Maliciously Manufactured Cases Against LtGen Mike Flynn and Roger Stone]

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