Robert Steele: My Dream — Trump to Fox “You’re Fired”

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

I am just sick to my stomach as I watch Fox news — the six o'clock show under a clueless blond bimbo with a butch spiked hair moron babbling nonsense, is supposed to be covering #GoogleGestapo — the malicious illegal censorship and manipulation of information as well as the deplatforming (digital assassination) of conservative voices, often destroying a lifetime of work without due process.  The Communications Decency Act explicitly immunized platforms from content issues in return for a promise of total openness.  The panelists I just saw are the more uninformed pontificators I have ever seen.

Then we rolled into the seven o'clock show, that is treating the two false flag events as if they were actually done by mal-adjusted white supremacists instead of mind-controlled patsies assisted by multiple private military corporation shooters that were SEEN, that are ON VIDEO, but being covered up. Our society is SICK because the Deep State has made it so by design.

I ran a false flag for CIA and am one of the top authors on false flag operations.

What Fox is passing off as analysis is some of the stupidest crap I have ever heard in my lifetime.  These people should be banned from public broadcasting.


The two billionaires I am talking to are very excited about the possibility of creating a Christian Conservative Truth Network (CCTN). If it is created, it will BURY Fox. The only three people that will survive are Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, and Laura Ingraham. Everyone else has been pulling their punches and needs to retire or open a soup line for the homeless.

As an afterthought: Fox's treatment of the Epstein case has been a study in media treason.  Fox is a totally controlled, totally compromised network with no redeeming features less Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, and Laura Ingraham.

Good-bye, Fox. Roger Ailes was lucky to leave when he did.


Here's some of the real world information you will not get at Fox:

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Plans for lawsuits and  $1B new social ecology including a Christian Conservative Network that will displace Fox which sucks:

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