Berto Jongman: Trump Creates Task Force to Detect & Prevent Global Atrocities and Genocide — Those Done by Israel and Saudi Arabia are Explicitly Excluded as “Okay”?

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Berto Jongman

We don’t make this shit up.

Trump creates task force to detect, prevent global ‘atrocities’

“The Trump administration has made a steadfast commitment to prevent, mitigate and respond to mass atrocities, and has set up a whole-of-government inter-agency structure to support this commitment,” the 11-page report states.

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Phi Beta Iota: There is a small possibility that the President may actually use this to hand Israel and Saudi Arabia their heads. The number of Germans killed after WWII was easily ten times the number of Jews sentenced to death in Germany by the Zionists in Switzerland who refused to pay the $3M to Hitler so they could leave — the Holocaust was contrived by the Zionists just as modern terrorism and modern genocide have been perpetuated by the Zionists. The time has come for the President to acknowledge that Zionism (not Judaism) is the central cancer preventing world peace and prosperity.

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