Ed Jewett: US Intelligence Community Admits Ineptitude with Open Source Information

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 Intel Community Grapples With Key Open Source Intel

“In our defeat-ISIS activities, we’ve had a struggle and presently continue to struggle with the challenge of open source and publicly available information, and how we leverage that to make it truly useful for the warfighter,” Jospeh Votel, former head of both Special Operations Command and Central Command.

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ROBERT STEELE: General Tony Zinni, USMC (Ret), then Commanding General of USCENTCOM fighting two wars and overseeing twelve Joint Task Force actions, is on record: he got, “at best” 4% of what he needed from the IC. Since I made Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) the foundation for re-inventing the craft of intelligence (which is supposed to be about decision-support, not regime change and drone assassination and torture and mass surveillance) the IC “leadership” has continued to disgrace the Republic by focusing on budget building, classifying (to cover up) their illegal activities including CIA and FBI collaboration with the Mossad in operating over 50 pedophilia and murdereous pedophilia blackmail entrapment cells across the USA, and lying to the President. Mike Pompeo bought into that bullshit, as well as John Bolton's bullshit, one more reason why Pompeo needs to go and someone competent — Jon Huntsman comes to mind — brought in at State. Sadly, the IC does not understand OSINT, it is not serious about HUMINT, and it does not do IMINT or SIGINT properly (e.g. NSA does not provide tactical SIGINT support to day to day clandestine operations overseas or day to day counterintelligence operations at home — NSA processes 1% of what it collects while violating the Constitution and disgracing the Republic every single day).

Amy Zegart, whose book Flawed by Design remains a standard because of its conclusion (“fix big or don't fix at all”) recently wrote about intelligence reform.

In the Deepfake Era, Counterterrorism Is Harder

Below is my email to her setting the record straight and outlining my vision.


The IC was part of 9/11.  CIA and FBI both slammed down on ABLE DANGER and others that detected the plot (which started in 1988 when the Twin Towers were condemned and Port Authority told they would have to brought down manually, no controlled demolitions, an immediate $2B insurance fraud opportunity that morphed into a planned false flag after Netanyahu was briefed by Silverstein and then Cheney was briefed by Netanhayu).  Here's all the stuff you don't know about 9/11, as delivered to the White House and read by over four million people:

Memoranda for the President on 9/11: Time for False Flag Deep State Truth! UPDATE 19: Israel Did It with Cheney & Mueller [New Book Indicts FBI In Detail]

Your first book remains your best — I use your “fix big or don't fix at all” often.  Now here is what Bill Binney and I and to an extent REDACTED have agreed needs to be done:

01 abolish the DNI after completing the below down-sizing

02 reduce all secret agencies without exception toward 70% — soft landings (retraining and re-employment) for all who are dismissed

03 consolidate the 30% pieces at CIA as new directorates (Geo, Imagery, Signals, Military)

04 create the Open Source Agency I have long championed but independent of the restored DCI

05 move the NIC to the EOP

– – – below not fully discussed among us but my own thoughts that I would implement if I could:

06 abolish the FBI (founded by a pedophile and pioneer of political blackmail) and create a new counterintelligence corps that has first call on NSA capabilities and goes after traitors, pedophiles, and white collar criminals with a vengeance (we process 1% of what we collect and NSA does not provide tactical support to clandestine operations overseas or counterintelligence operations at home).

07 abolish DHS and particularly FEMA which has been doing the false flags but stopped after I circulated the Sandy Hook volume to White House, Attorney General, two congressional committees and the Secretary of DHS

Memoranda for the President on Sandy Hook: Is FEMA A False Flag Fake News Terrorist Node? UPDATE 1: Letter to AG DHS Hill

08 eradicate both the CIA and the Mossad secret networks across the country, starting with the other 49 pedophilia entrapment cells that have compromised many state legislators, judges, prosecutors, and sheriffs

09 close all military bases overseas, they are lily pads for smuggling drugs, guns, gold, cash, and small children

10 eliminate the invented criminal genocidal apartheid state of Israel (which is home base to a global crime network rooted in cyber penetration that very few understand — they OWN every communications circuit and use that to both control politicals and do insider trading) and restore Palestine to the Palestinians.

Mongoose: Israeli Spying in the USA — Use of Amdocs, Comverse Infosys, Odigo, and Checkpoint Systems to “Own” All US Communications

Review: Enclosure – Palestinian Landscapes in a Historical Mirror

I'd like to see you up your game.  I realize I scare or trouble a lot of you, but I know more than all of you and I am at the top of my game (holistic analytics and true cost ecnonomics) so one of these days my focus on the truth is going to confront the half-baked fix on the margins calls and we are going to have a revolution.  You got it right the first time.  I think Trump is leaning in your direction.  It would help me and it would help the President if your next article were closer to my vision.

The IC is not in the decision support business.  General Tony Zinni is on record: they provide 4% “at best” of what a major commander needs, and I add “and nothing for the rest of us.”  The IC is in the smuggling, regime change, drone assassination, political blackmail, and torture business.  It has  completely lost sight of its legitimate mission while getting very very good at its original mission, to serve as the Deep State's foundation for leveraging US power toward illicit ends.  These two book reviews may help you grasp this latter point:

Review: The Devil’s Chessboard – Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government

Review: TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE – Social Engineering the Masses by Daniel Estulin — Deep State Playbook

Be assured of my respect for your intellect and your integrity.  If you and I were to have a published conversation — I could probably get Blll and REDACTED to participate as well — you could possibly produce a white paper that would be read by the Chief of Staff, who is aware that intelligence done right, combined with Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), could reduce the cost of rebooting America by 80%.

Here are two think pieces I have done recently, the first is completed and Trump and his family have it, the second is under development for a new speech and article in October:

Robert Steele: If I Were President

Robert Steele: All Reviews Sorted (Star, Topic, Author) — For the First Time, Identify 22 Life-Changing Transformative Books Out of 2000+ Books Reviewed or Noted

You have truly unlimited potential.  Stop holding yourself back.

With abiding regard,



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