Henry Makow: Is the Gold Standard a Scam?

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Anthny Migchels today and earlier. A clear warning.

The Crunch Is Back, There’s Going To Be A Gold Standard, And It Will Be Disastrous

The Gold Standard will force an excruciating deleveraging, austerity, deflation, and depression, and bring immense pain to the masses. The Real Populists have been warning against the coming Gold Standard as the Banker Master Plan to destroy America for decades.

Phoenix Rising, the Return of the Gold Standard

What has been in the cards for decades is now fully on the agenda: the returning Gold Standard. Gold as currency is a weapon. It is a wealth transfer to those holding Gold and will precipitate a massive deflation. The ensuing chaos will help usher in their coveted New World Order and World Currency.

Phi Beta Iota: Both articles are recommended. Everything depends on the President holding the 1% accountable for their past thefts while protecting the 99% from pain that should be exclusively felt by the 1% not the 99%.

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