Mongoose: Deep Dive into Pedogate Video (16:19)

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Phi Beta Iota: Adam Schiff represents Hollywood and its pedophilia elite. The chances of his being compromised are 100%. The chances of his being on video doing bad things to small children are on the order of 70%. The chances that he is controlled by the Mossad as well as the CIA and FBI rogue elements are easily toward 100%. Note: AOC aka Whack Job’s recent accusation of  the President of being anti-Semitic for going after an evident traitor suggest that she is now owned by the Zionists — they have made her the offer, she has accepted, she will be funded by the Zionists for her 2020 run using every illegal method they have perfected, including the 20-30 prepaid credit cards at a time, each with $1000 — something NSA could easily track for the FBI (or that Bill Binney could do with Thin Thread against all credit card records.

Combine Zionist responsibility for 9/11, Zionist responsibility for Epstein and the other 49 pedophilia entrapment networks, and Zionist responsibility for US election bribery and blackmail at all levels local-state-national — never mind Zionist responsibility for the genocide of the Palestinians and the theft of Palestine explictly prohibited by the Balfour Agreement, and you have a just cause for expelling the Zionists, cancelling all dual citizenships (choose one), and offering every US traitor supporting the Zionists a one time Truth & Reconciliation deal: confess in detail in public and receive a presidential pardon. Fail to do so and go to prison for the rest of your life.

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