Ben Garrison: Pardon Roger Stone — US Justice SUCKS — Double-Standard!

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Townhall: A Double Standard of Justice

ROBERT STEELE: Roger made some mistakes, but the bottom line here is that the witchhunt against Donald Trump and his top aides was an illegal activity and all those from Mueller back to Brennan and Rosenstein and the little shits like Page and Strzok should all be indicted, convicted, and sent to jail.  Roger should be pardoned.

Justice has always been rigged in the USA, but under Eric Holder (Obama Administration) a decisive turn was made, away from seeking justice against “hard” targets such as traitors, elite pedophiles torturing and murdering children, and white collar criminals, particularly bankers screwing the public. Instead “Justice” (and the IRS and local police) started going after political targets and the poor people.   This SUCKS.  Nor has this improved under the current Attorney General. Roger Stone was illegally wiretapped and had shit lawyers.  He also lied after the fact, but that is “fruit of the poisoned tree” bullshit. Sidney Powell is the gold standard — I pray she makes it to the Supreme Court because it is time the Supreme Court starts doing two things: 01 stomping the federal government back into a small box and 02 ending the reign of terror, lies, and prosecutorial misconduct that now characterizes everyone from the Department of Justice to the FBI to many (not all) police departments.

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