Mongoose: Has President Trump Declared War on the UK & the Queen? Is the “Special Relationship” Over? Did MI-6 Try to Poison our President?

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Trump Issues Grave Ultimatum To Queen Elizabeth II At Same Time He Retakes Control Of US Navy

ROBERT STEELE:  Despite Sorcha Faal being a known fabricator, I welcome pointers to this feed because, as Mongoose correctly summarizes, the links are pure gold (and always real) and the narrative is gifted. There are some observations I would make here:

01 We now know that the US did not win  the War of Independence, the UK and the Freemasons won that war, they just shifted to covert control.

02 We now know that the two countries that interfered in the US 2016 presidential elections were Great Britain and Israel.

03 We now know that the British secret intelligence organizations have long had a “special relationship” with US secret intelligence organizations, and this appears to be a relationship that is actively working against our President.

04 I continue to believe that Epstein is alive, and I find the references in this linked article to Ghislaine Maxwell, a known daughter of Israeli super-spy Robert Maxwell and very likely a Mossad officer herself, to be valuable. The Zionists own the British aristocracy through a mix of inter-marriage, bribery, and blackmail.

05 When 9/11 and Epstein disclosure is complete, it is very possible that the relations between the US and the two countries that interfered in the US 2016 presidential elections, actively seeking to subvert President Donald Trump's candidacy, will find that the “special relationship” is OVER.

06 Elsewhere I have quoted Henry Kissinger and made the case the restoration of Palestine to the Palestinians (all Jews welcome to remain and live in peace) and the termination of all US support for the Zionist state of Israel — a criminal, apartheid, genocidal state that sponsors false flag operations everywhere but particularly in France and the USA.

07 Elsewhere, but not so obviously, I have forecast the end of the British Commonwealth.  Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Australia will all, in my view, break with the  monarchy and leave the Commonwealth — as will India if it can ever rid itself of the Zionist parasite that infects India as much as it infects the USA. We can leave the matters of pedophilia, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and Reptilian possession for another conversation — Prince Andew, in comparison to PrInce Charles and the Queen, is the good guy. Most naively do not “get” that fact.

One last though? Is it the British, who staged a false flag murder with pollonium, that are behind the recent poisoning of the White House food taster and attempted poisoning of President Donald Trump?

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