Robert Steele: #GoogleGestapo – Termination Mandatory [Individual Ability to Learn & Think Is the Ultimate Revolutionary Act]

Commerce, Corruption, Cultural Intelligence, IO Impotency

Fighting the Unprecedented ‘Proletarianization’ of the Human Mind

“The Age of Disruption: Technology and Madness in Computational Capitalism”

A book by Bernard Stiegler

Leonid Bilmes / Los Angeles Review of Books

Stiegler argues that the risk-taking ethos of modern capitalism has created a generalized spirit of “disinhibition” that is a threat to law, morality, and governance.

Stiegler firmly believes that a distinction must always be upheld between “authentic thinking” and “computational cognitivism” and that today’s crisis lies in confusing the latter for the former.

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Gary D. Barnett, “The Elite Controllers Fear the Individual and Individual Intelligence,”, 16 November 2019

ROBERT STEELE: This is an utterly brilliant review of an utterly brilliant book.  I am reminded of my top 50 cosmic books in my recent lecture, Steele on Books & America: Love It or Lose It!

Below is a headline that proves the author’s point.  Google is a despicablly amoral and evil enterprise that has completely lose touch with ethics, humanity, and reality.

Algorithmic Feudalism

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