Ed Jewett: The Horowitz Report – A Whitewash? UPDATE 2: Hillary Fried

Corruption, Ineptitude, Law Enforcement

Preliminary impression:  complete whitewash, no one goes to jail. Crucifies FBI on process error and leadership failure but effectively refuses to condemn anyone with the exception of Ohr.  Ohr takes the bullet.

PDF (476 Pages): 


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The Comey FBI’s 17 Worst Failures, Inaccuracies, & Omissions Flagged In The FISA Report: Solomon

DOJ Inspector General Releases Report On FBI Conduct, Finds “Clear Abuse” Of FISA Process

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UPDATE 1: The Corney Comey Anomaly

Alert Reader writes in:

Regarding the IG Report from: justice.gov/storage/120919-examination.pdf

Search for the word “Comey” and you get 0 match !

Search for the word “Corney” and all the “Comey” get hilighted,

Search for “rn” and all the “m” of Comey get hilighted as well as the “rn” in Attorney etc.

Zoom in on the first occurence of the word Comey on the first page and it is quite clear that the letter “m” is different from any other “m” in the text.

This anomaly only occurs within the word Comey, meaning that Comey is in fact never mentioned in this document !

This anomaly can NOT happen by accident,

A special character in the font had to be created to make “rn”look like a “m” and only used in the word “Comey”.

Are there any other anomalies in this document ?

What are the legal implications of such an anomaly ?

UPDATE 2: Hillary Fried

FISA Report Reveals Clinton Meddled In 2016 Election


DefDog: Christopher Steele, Under Oath, Tells British Judge “I Worked for Hillary Clinton to Frame Donald Trump”

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