Robert Steele: Dan Borgino FRIES Obama, Rice, Brennan on Russian Witchhunt — He Misses the HAMMER Created by Clapper and Brennan

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ROBERT STEELE: I am reliably informed that a study is underway of every single “unmasking” (revealing of US citizen identities in top secret signals and other forms of intelligence — such as reports from the British and Israelis). When completed, every person complicit in these unmaskings will in indictable, and Barack Obama as well as Susan Rice will be first in line.  What Bongino is missing is the FBI and contractor as well as CIA access to the raw NSA data where the FISA warrants obtained via perjury to the Court, could be used to access all communications related to any member of the Trump team, and unmasking of all US identities therein. I doubt that Amazon and its CIA cloud were part of the process. This is about direct CIA and FBI officials, and their contractors, breaking all relevant laws and regulations in relation to NSA data access and the unmasking of US citizens, by direct order of Barack Obama and Susan Rice and with the explicit complicity of Loretta Lynch . The missing pieces, that Gina Haspel appears to be slow-rollling, are John Brennan's green line phone calls with MI-6 and GCHQ, and the roles of the governments of Great Britain and Israel in supporting with acts of war a treasonous US domestic criminal campaign against Donald Trump  with the intent of assuring a win by Deep State (and CIA) agent Hillary Clinton.

NOTE:  I have been reminded that Bongino is also missing the CIA/DNI program known as HAMMER that was explicitly designed by Brennan and Clapper to be outside US Government purview and not auditable, while specifically spying on — illegally — then candidate Donald Trump and other Republicans of significance.  From where I sit, Obama, Rice, Clapper, Brennan, and McCabe, at a minimum, should go to jail.

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