Mongoose: While US Wastes Blood & Treasure on Elective Wars, China Is Building the Internet for the Whole Earth

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To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill. Sun Tzu

ROBERT STEELE: Since 1989 I have been saying we needed to get a grip on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) in order to justify investments in peaceful preventive measures.  No one wanted to listen because war and the technology of war are a profit center for the Deep State and the Shadow Government. We have known since the 1990's that for a fraction of what we spend on war we could create a prosperous world at peace (and more specifically, resolve all seventeen of the Sustainable Development Goals), but because the profits of war are concentrated in favor the 1%, and the profits of peace are distributed across the 99%, the Deep State and Shadow Government oppose the obvious common sense course of action: invest in peace.

What do you all think will best capture the hearts and minds of African peoples with the least cost: USA's AFRICOM military initiative and continued US sponsorship of dictators in Africa and the Middle East (along with drone assassinations and hunter-killer teams), or China helping build Africa's infrastructure while creating jobs and income for both indigenous and Chinese workers?

China is going to vanquish the USA precisely because it “gets” that t he return on investment in the technologies of peace yields not only a greater return on investment, but a sustainable return on investment. US leaders are not stupid, they are simply corrupt. They are not being held accountable by the public for honoring their (the nominal leaders) oaths of office and their responsibility to make decisions in the public interest. We do not lack for intelligence in the USA.  We lack for integrity.

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