Ben Garrison: Hillary Clinton Coming Out of Mike Bloomberg’s Ass — Too Funny

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Ben Garrison @ Phi Beta Iota

Phi Beta Iota: Ben is taking some liberties — Clinton despises Bloomberg. She is rumored to have said, when told he was considering her as a VP (which he was not):

“I've had dildos bigger than that little fuck.  Never.”

Still, the chances of her being pardoned for being a traitor, pedophile, and fraud (both charity fraud and election fraud against Sanders) are higher if Bloomberg gets into the White House than Sanders.

We continue to predict Bloomberg-Klobuchar and it will be a close race if President Trump does not bring Herman Cain and Cynthia McKinney into play. He could start by listening to Dr. Randy Short on pardons:

Randy Short & Robert Steele: 12 Pardons = Black Male Vote [Comment by Cynthia McKinney]

Obama has endorsed Bloomberg on the sly. Clinton will probably concede at some point. The other thing that President Trump has failed to do is give the #WalkAway and Independents and Libertarians a fair election system.

#UNRIG is the foundation for #MAGA. Use it or lose it.

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