Robert Steele: CNN & Washington Post Are Fake News — American Herald Tribune is Real News

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As someone who has published a number of invited articles at the American Herald Tribune (AHT), I take exception to the defamatory — and possibly malicious — categorization of the AHT as fake news. In my view, it is CNN — and the Washington Post and  the New York Times and others — that are more often than not fake news. I take particular exception to the defamatory and often clearly malicious defamatory statements of individuals associated with these organizations,  against our President.  They should all be sued in federal court, where even the most public of persons can win a lawsuit in front of a jury when malice can be demonstrated.  Below are two reclamas from AHT:

20200204 The Washington Post Piles on with CNN to Try to Discredit American Herald Tribune

20200125 Donie O’Sullivan and the ‘Garbage State’ of Media

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