George Webb: Two DoD Suspects as Patient Zero [PBI: But Were They Actually Gladio or Zionist BioDrops?]

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Robert Steele Comment and Additional Links Below the Fold

ROBERT STEELE:  I value what George Webb offers. He is a stellar example of citizen journalism and worth listening to. As I originally stated in the very first article world-wide to tie together biological warfare (a deliberate drop), 5G as a factor, and information warfare as the actual instrument used to beat the global economy to death (with trillions in insider trading done in advance), this was not an accident and it did not come from the Chinese lab.  From where I sit, the couple that George discusses as the “root” attackers in Wuhan could have worked for one or more of three parties: US DoD, NATO Gladio, or the Zionists directly. Benny Benassi is very possibly a Mossad officer or Zionist agent born in Milan and George does a lovely job of tying him, Milan, clothing, and Chinese workers in both Milan and Wuhan together.

I have no direct knowledge and have done the best I can  from my basement. I continue to recommend to the President a full-scale multinational investigation in full partnership with China, Iran, Italy, and Russia.  My Foreword to Ascension Christianity provides new information about the coincident biowarfare attacks on Qom and Milan.  A great deal more information has come out on 5G including 5G as a trigger for nano-particles.

American Intelligence Media: 5G Activated Delivery System for Bio-engineered Virus — Links to Rothschilds, Soros, Queen of England?

I am now predicting a “real” pandemic for August 2020. This was a trial. The work of American Intelligence

Original Article: Interview: A Counterintelligence Perspective on the Wuhan Virus – A Zionist Bio-War False Flag Attack?

Ascension Christianity (Foreword by Robert David Steele)

National Review: Chinese State Media Falsely Claim U.S. Army Athlete Brought Coronavirus to China

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