Mongoose: WHO Director Lied — Blackmailed? Fake Pandemic — Economic Reboot in Background?

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Alert Reader sends in:

EXCLUSIVE: Evidence Shows Director General of World Health Organization Severely Overstated the Fatality Rate of the Coronavirus Leading to the Greatest Global Panic in History

Here’s a summary of the analysis from yesterday proving the Director General’s statement was very misleading and materially false:

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ROBERT STEELE: I believe I was the first to properly analyze Wuhan as a combination of a deliberate bio-engineering virus attack, 5G exacerbation, and media war, and the first to point out that it was the media, not the virus, that wrecked the Chinese economy and then the US and world economies.

Robert Steele in Tehran Times: Interview A Counterintelligence Perspective on the Wuhan Virus – A Zionist Bio-War False Flag Attack?

It is now clear to me that in addition to the Zionists Angela Merkel may have been personally involved in bio drops, and others, perhaps Gladio neo-fascist elements, involved in the Milan and Qom drops.

It has now been documented that the “outbreaks” correlate almost perfectly with 5G networks.

It has now been documented that 80% of those  diagnosed as positive for the coronavirus are false positives — NOT — and it is also now established that most autopsies of those alleged to have died from the coronavirus are now showing they died from other causes (including normal flu.

Owl: 80% of All Positive Virus Tests are FALSE

As I called it so clearly, this is a fake pandemic.

That was 28 February. The ridicule that I and others were heaping on the fake pandemic evidently incensed Bill Gates and the other Deep State actors, because they immediately moved — I speculate with bribery and blackmail — to force WHO to declare a pandemic.

While  this is clearly another attack on the President and on China (both of them have slammed Big Pharma), I am now of the view that there are things going on in background that make the President's tolerance of the fake pandemic — he was the first to call it another hoax — and that some epic cultural and economic reboots are going to take place in the next couple of months.

I hope the President's counterintelligence investigation of everyone associated with the Gates Foundation, Event 201, CDC, and WHO, is proceeding apace. All of them should be going to jail. Wrecking the US economy is a crime; wrecking the global economy is a crime. We can nail all the insider trading and all the media manipulation “by name.”

VIDEO: 60 Minutes Exposes CDC Criminality and Idiocy in 1976 — NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

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On balance, I believe this fake pandemic will be the stake in the heart of the Deep State, and the President will triumph with an economic reboot.

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